A church goer is somebody who goes to church but their home life, their school life, their work life or even their sex life is more real to them than God and the things of God.  Churches are filled with church goers.  Which are people who think their salvation was completed with a prayer at the altar.  That is not how you get saved.  Salvation is a process not a single event.  You are saved in your spirit when you accept Christ, you are being saved in your soul as you obey the Word, and you will be saved in your body on that great day when the Lord returns. No man is the judge of the genuineness of his salvation, Christ is. Scripture speaks of many who thought they were saved but were not.

Ecclesia is the Greek word that the Middle English word church actually comes from [in translation].  There were no churches in the first few centuries, they were Ecclesia, as in the book of Acts.  They were held in peoples homes, and filled with and run by the various ministers of the 5 fold Ministry – all 5 Offices.  All under the authority of the apostles and prophets. Pastor is one of the five Offices but it is 4th in rank.  They are ranked in the order they are written, the Bible itself says that.  Like so much of the Scripture, it is simply ignored.  Any true pastor who’s not under the authority of an apostle or prophet is in outright rebellion against God’s Word.

Jesus never said anything to anyone anywhere about becoming a Christian – He commanded the making of disciples. It’s good to be Christian if you’re also a disciple, most christians are not. Where the church has saved people, the Ecclesia has disciples.  The man made organized religious institution of the church is not something Christ started, man did. It is man’s copy of the Body of Christ.  Jesus won’t be coming back for the church, it does not belong to Him.

It was never supposed to be about getting a building that would contain the people, and as more people came in you took the money coming in and got a bigger building. To house more people doing nothing. That is a perversion and has replaced becoming like Christ with growing the church, which makes the church the message. Our ministry is built around just a dozen core members who have been together for years and take all the money and pour it into ministry. Jesus’ ministry was like that.

That’s how we sent missionaries to Africa several times for a couple of years, to do all the establishing work that led to the churches and ministers we have now.  My lead missionary and I put the first round trip for two on our credit cards, not including the funds for the two weeks they were there. Our first trip came only after we paid a couple of thousand for a website, which came after we made a couple of videos and put them online. We are not supposed to be the only ones doing this, and there are others. But there are not many. What there are a lot of is churches getting nothing done which are filled with people who do nothing. Jesus is not coming for those. He will be coming back for the Ecclesia, His Body of true believers.

The Bible speaks of the love of the great body (of believers) growing cold in the Last Days.  Of a great falling away that’s coming.  It speaks of many so called christians departing the Faith.  We are convinced this has already started, and will increase until the rise of the Antichrist.  At which point everything will be clear.  But only to those who are watching.  Jesus told us to watch.  He in fact commanded it.

We believe this will cause the collapse of the church as we know it, leaving only the few that were run like Ecclesia standing.  As well as the true Ecclesia throughout the world that have never become churches (and were not supposed to).  There will be no power shift because the churches have never had any power.  It will be more like a doing away with the phony leaving only the real standing.

Unless you know how to be led by the Holy Spirit, it’s difficult to find true ecclesia that walk in the power of God.  We encourage you to look for a church that believes in the power of the Holy Spirit (most do not), and the operation of all 5 Fold Ministry Offices (as commanded in Scripture).  It would be even better if you could find one where all the 5 Fold Ministry gifts are operating.  There are some.

Ecclesia is not a Religious term, and never has been.  It is a Greek government term and is the assembly of believers the way the Lord meant it.  With everyone submitted to His system of rank, structure, order and authority and thereby walking in His Power.  Our ministry has dozens of churches in Africa and a small school, several ministers here in the states, and a sizable outreach on the net. But all of it is built around a committed body of believers called an Ecclesia who are all under the authority of a prophet. This is the Biblical model ordered by Christ himself. We walk in the power of God because we are doing what He said. Jesus walked in the Power of God during the entire time of His ministry, and said that every believer was to do the same after Him.

The power is out there now and always has been, ever since He left.  But most who think themselves believers have never seen it because they have never been submitted to any authority at all.  Let alone any ordained by God instead of the man made church.  This ordination by God is the only ordination that counts.  You have to get up under someone who has it to get it yourself, that’s the way it works.  God is not religious and never has been.  Without the power of God working daily in your life and the lives of those with you – all that you are left with is religion.  And who in Hell wants that . .

Brother Greg Mullins
Prophet and Teacher
Full Grown Ministry

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