Death of a Saint

Although the letter after this one concerns the accidental death of a well known preacher, this one shows a type of death, in that I knew the man personally to be a Christian many years earlier, and he had now become much less of one. We had served in the Navy’s bomb squad during the same time but at different commands. Pete was the project manager of one of the mammal programs for the Navy when I knew him, wherein we use dolphins and sea lions to assist navy divers with certain tasks. He had done a lot of good work with EOD but had fallen down in his Christianity, by the time of this letter more than 20 years later . .

Pete my dear brother. Running a bunch of words together does not suddenly give them meaning. You possess neither the data or the Bible, and there is no research going on or conclusions being quoted. Scripture says that when the proud speak they lay hold of the earth with their tongue – and that is what you just did my brother.

Just like we all used to back in middle school to win an argument. We would claim whole worlds and galaxies were with us, when really it was just us. Please don’t speak like that, it diminishes you. As all lying and all exaggeration take away from any who practice them. Besides scripture forbids both.

There is so much scripture you don’t know, and so much of it you are not doing. The Bible condemns knowing what God says but not doing what God says, throughout. We are commanded to renew our minds daily, to wash them in the water of the Word, and to not let our minds be conformed to our culture and society. These are all three in the Bible, and you have not done them for a very long time. You have filled your self with other things and you were created only to be filled with Him.

Arguing especially between believers is condemned by multiple scriptures, and yet you don’t know a single one of them. You know how to argue, but Christianity is not an argument. It is not the end of some philosophical debate. Christianity is a catastrophic historical event that will cost everyone more than they’re willing to pay, if they refuse to get right with God.

We have been given so much time to get it right, and now the time is up. In just a matter of days there will be a very clear discernible line throughout the world, between those who truly believe in and obey God – and those who do not. Just a few more days . .

Besides, the attack you launched applied to what you said, not to what I said. I did not say content you did – I said context. Were you to go back and read what I said properly, then read what you said – you will see that you changed the words. Please do not come back with another argument saying they are the same thing, because of course – they are not. Nothing I put out here is said for your approval. Do not confuse face book with the Kingdom of God, they are not related.

There are no computers in Heaven, yet everything you or I have ever said or done to expand the Kingdom of God pleases Him to no end, and will be with us there forever. Keep feeding on the Word put out here you will get some help. Just a little at a time, because that is all we can handle. God is Spirit and the things of God are spiritual, do not try to intellectualize spiritual things or you will get nothing from them . .

Love you bro, hope all is well

Concerning the death of a well known and well liked preacher from the Bahamas, who died in a plane crash a couple of years ago . .

You bring up a most excellent point David. As you well know being a prophetic ministry we are all about Truth. Not your or my truth, or the partial truth often put up as the whole, but of God’s Truth. Which is the very thing prophets minister through the highly unpopular corrections and warnings, all throughout the Bible. The Truth of God. The corrections and warnings point to the Truth, and are in fact intended by God to bring us to it. But we must be willing, and many are not.

Brother Myles is a mighty man of God and will be greatly rewarded in Heaven. We will see him there, and I look forward to meeting him as I know you do. But it was not the will of God that he die like this. When you say what you said the way you said it, you both assume and infer a high level of accuracy on the Brother’s teachings. Yes he preached The Kingdom more than he preached anything else, and was one of the first to do so. But there are others who preached The Kingdom just as much and preached it more accurately. Which is why they are still alive. Not because of an absence of many attempts to kill them.

Protection and being Led by the Holy Spirit are both parts of The Kingdom, but were not part of his teaching. Like many who were chosen by God to preach, he preached what he knew good. But there was a lot he was supposed to learn from others that he did not learn. This is true for almost all who have the true Calling to preach and teach on their life. They learn some things, but few seek out the higher anointings to find what they are missing. One thing we know from the Word is that God never reaps judgment where He has not sown knowledge.

When it comes to my being wrong or God being wrong when something goes wrong, there is no doubt about it – man is always wrong. Every single time. Our flesh is both religious and self righteous and hates to hear such things, but it is absolutely True. God is absolutely right in everything He has done, and God is absolutely right in everything He has not done. It is the honor of God not the honor of men that must be declared whenever things don’t line up. When a very famous Christian singer and godly man named Keith Green died in a plane crash back in 1982, his little boy who was in the car with his mom sat up saying – mommy mommy doesn’t daddy know the plane is going to crash into that mountain.

Religion would ask the question “if Keith Green was an anointed psalmist and called by God to bring Him glory through his singing and living a godly life, why did he die in a plane crash.” Nope, that is not the right question. It is not. The question is how come his son knew the plane was going to crash but he didn’t know. Because God was speaking. Little children are much more open to the Spirit and have not learned to override that still small voice and just do what they want, repeatedly. Men have free will, even godly righteous holy men, and almost all of them learn to override that inner voice of the Holy Spirit. They learn it young and it always begins in the small things.

Listen, this is for all of us. I’ve lost people, and almost lost others, in this Ministry. I’m talking about you should have been dead accidents, or a couple of more inches and you would have been dead. Even myself. Back in ’91 I was doing 85 in the fast lane on I-5 in La Jolla on my motorcycle with no helmet and a tank top, when my brand new front tire deflated in 2 seconds. The nurse who just happen to be driving behind me said I was rolling and bouncing for 100 yards. Another prophet I had not seen in 10 years got ahold of me months later having seen the whole thing in an open vision, including the demon that was sucking the air out of the tire.

We had known each other as teenagers on my first ship when we were both being birthed into ministry under Chaplain Jay Snell. Like Jonah I was going the wrong way. The Lord told me some time later that if I had not called on His Name before the bike folded, He could not have saved me. But I did, and He did. Thank God. Most of us just don’t take God and His things serious enough, so spiritual things are not that real to us. But they are more real than the dying flesh on your aging bones. Don’t wait till you survive an 85mph motorcycle accident on the highway with no helmet, to find that out.

As a believer or a preacher you don’t have to be living in some deep sin to die young or to die wrong. All you have to do is something other than what God told you to do, and you can die a horrible death. This is not a game, and it is never His will that any of His people die young or die wrong. Death has nothing to do with God, He has no part in it, and the Bible says so. The deliverance is what He has to do with, the salvation, the resurrection – that’s all from Him. Protection and victory both belong to the Lord, but you have to do what He says. From Genesis to Revelation God ties all of our Belief in Him and all of our love for Him to one thing – Obedience. The rest is just a bunch of talk.

Brother Greg

This fine preacher and disciple in our ministry for many years ran a good race until being pulled back by a lack of commitment and failing to pass tests, which led to his falling away . .

A Plan of Their Own Letter

We love you holy man. You are my dear son and you cannot do anything to change the love of God for you in my heart. What a good race we ran together, and what a help you have been to all of us. Your dedication to God and your labor of love to expand His Kingdom are well known by all of us. All of the good you have done here will be known forever. I am so very thankful to have known you, it has been my honor to have you as a son. Thank you Chris. With all my heart thank you.

You have left us once and now you are leaving us again. The first time you knew it was not of God but totally your flesh, though I think you have since forgotten that. When we are not led by the Spirit we are hardened into our decisions. We are captured by and conformed to our choices. The Lord just gave that to me this morning to give to you now. You are not alone, more have left than have stayed. But you were with us for years. Thank God you were birthed into ministry and your gift was well exercised, and with it you watered many others.

What was separated for the life of your flesh has now been ended by the strength of your flesh. We all have it so there is no surprise, yet all of us have not left. Some have stayed. You will be judged by God as a preacher called here not as a churchgoer there. But then you know that. The kindness of your actions since you left is something God was doing through you, and did not come out of your own goodness. We are sorry to see you removing the last vestige of your support and your connection to what the Lord Himself told you to do.

Which is the last Truth we will clarify as you go the way you and your wife decided would be good for you. That truth being that the lesser is Blessed by the greater. Meaning that those who have the Blessing have something far greater than anything and everything the one being Blessed could ever do or give. We are very glad you obeyed God in sharing your vehicle with us and tithing where you were commanded, but you did not do us any sort of favor in the least. You did only what God told you, and we are glad about it. All anyone did when they decided to obey God was leave the judgment and punishment that came with sin.

There was never a time when you were helping us – we were only and always helping you. If your wife had any say at all in this decision, make sure you tell her that. That’s another facet of what having the Blessing means. That it has the greater value than cars and money and things, that having it is what matters. The Blessing brings in the goods, the goods don’t bring in the Blessing. Had the honor and deference you once had not dried up in recent months, you would have told us a month or two out. Even your heathen landlord in the fallen world gets a month notice. We’re not mad about it, just helping you to be honest.

We are required to see things as they really are, not in the deception of our selfish imaginations. The light of God’s judgment makes all flesh cringe. As you know I am required to teach you the Truth in all things, or at least to help you see it. We could not accept your partial possible support anymore than you could walk out of the house in just a shirt and your underwear. It is out of order, confusion and negotiating with terrorists. Our flesh is a terrorist remember. So we turn you over to your decisions your choices and your things, along with your 20 dollars a week. And we still love you. Very much. Be blessed holy man.

Brother Greg