God or Mamon

Letter to our pastor in Uganda, who is transitioning from trusting in money to living by faith, which is the only way to please God. 


Frank my son the Lord disciplines those He loves. We discipline you because we love you, though it gives me no pleasure to do now what must be done. You have not submitted yourself to me in this matter my son, and you do not have anything else to offer me except your submission. Again and again and again over the years you have come up with plans which needed money or written letters requesting money.

You are not our only outreach in Africa but you have been with us the longest. No one has asked us for money more than you have, and you are not allowed to do it at all – not even one time. What is wrong with you my son. You have no money so you come up with your own plans to get money, or you just ask us for it. This is not the way of faith and it does not please God. You ask us these very foolish questions over and over again, though I have told you not to do this many many times, and have written you many letters.

God will not use our faith to meet your needs, God will only use your faith to meet your needs. You have the exact same source that we do, and that source is God. You can continue to grow in faith until your faith is strong enough to know what God wants you to do, and He will provide every thing you need to you through your faith, but only for what He has told you to do. This is what He has done with us and all those who walk by faith. Or you can ask people for money for what you want to do, you can even beg them. But you cannot ask people for money and be in faith at the same time.

You say that you lack money, God says that you lack faith. Which one of you do you think is right. If you are completely convinced in your heart that you do not have enough money and that you are right to think this, then God is wrong and you are right. He is a liar and you are telling the truth. Either lack of money is the problem and you need other peoples money, or you are doing things you Desire to do but God will not help you, so you are asking people to help you because God will not.

God will not help you to get what you want or what you desire, because desire is not faith. Did you hear what I said – Faith is not Desire. Here is one of our principles that you have forgotten : Faith is a power given in measure by the person of God to the person who follows God to do only what He says. You may think your idea is a good idea, but a good idea is not a God idea. You may say “But I am doing this for God”, and I will tell you it does not matter. Only what He tells you matters.

God does not want you to do things for Him, to do this is called sacrifice. God does not want your sacrifice, God wants you to obey Him. That is what the Scripture means when it says “obedience is better than sacrifice.” We have written you many letters about this over the years, including training letters. You need to go back and read all of those letters. Faith will bring you money, but money cannot buy faith.

You are trying to grow in money instead of growing in faith, this is disobedience and unbelief. Both of them are sins. You think your ideas of getting money are better than God’s command that you exercise grow and build your faith so that you can live by faith. We are going to stop sending you money for a month, so that you will learn to quit asking us for money. We have told you not to do this many times, but you have ignored us and done it anyway.

You are to continue doing your internet posts two times a week, with your own money. And you can now use your own money for the children, instead of the money we were sending you. I do not like to do this my son but you need to be disciplined, and no discipline for the moment seems pleasant. It does not make the flesh happy but it will make your spirit strong. You are to go back and read all the letters we have written you over the years concerning this matter, Brother Nick will help you to know which ones.

In exactly one month on May 11th we will restore sending you the money that the Lord has told us to send you, not the money you tell us to send you. We do not work for you Frank, we work for God. He has told us what to send, and we have been sending you that. Before we send it again you must repent of your sins, and do all that I have told you to do. Never ask us for money again or I will have to kick you out of the ministry, as I have told you not to do this for years.

You will grow in your faith and learn to live by faith even if it kills you, along with your wife and children. The Bible is filled many believers and many preachers who have lost everything that they had to follow Jesus, including their very lives. You must be willing to lay down your life my son. Jesus said if you try to save your life you will lose it, this life you live now is the life He was talking about.

We have joined the ranks of these great saints who lost all that they had and consider it our honor, as we have lost everything we have to follow Jesus. We have even been driven from our home for the sake of the Word, and that was over 4 months ago. Though we have plenty to eat every day and eat good as we always do, and have enough money to do everything God tells us to, we are being prepared for our departure. You must prepare for what comes after the rapture.

The Bible says all who live godly lives in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. Now all of our worldly possessions can fit into a bag and all that we have left to lose is our life, and we will do it gladly if the Lord requires it of us. You must be willing to do the same holy man. Follow us as we follow Christ, and do not become offended because of your correction. You do not need more money Frank, you need to strengthen your faith.

If God tells you to do something then He will pay for it without you asking anyone for anything. If He does not pay for it like this then He did not tell you to do it, you told yourself to do it. Now you want others to give you their money to do what you have told yourself to do, since you do not have the money to do it. Do not follow your thoughts about these things, follow my words about these things. If your thoughts disagree with my words then get rid of your thoughts, change what you think. The Bible demands that we do this, and it is called repentance. We love you and thank God for you.

By direction,
Pastor Nick writing for Brother Greg



Letter to a pastor in Sudan who had come to us through our pastor in Uganda. After spending a few months qualifying to get under our authority we sent him his first sermon, shortly after which he fell off the grid. This dear man was daily afflicted by the turmoil and upheaval in his country going on all around him, which was nothing short of war. He invited us to come or to send one of our pastors in Africa to a prayer meeting at his church in Sudan, where he was ministering to about 100 people. This was our response


Hello Pastor,

God bless you and keep you sir. The head of our ministry Brother Greg has given me a few things to get to you in response to your invitation. The entire world is filled with unrest and much turmoil, as the end of all things is near. It will only get worse until the rise of the Anti-Christ. Which will be very soon. The Blessing of God is on the Plan of God. His Blessing is not on whatever people decide to do, whether they call themselves Christians or not. Every nation on the earth and every person within every nation is living in this Blessing according to how much they believe God and how much they obey God. Your obedience is proof of your salvation. The obedience of any nation to God’s Word is proof that that nation is filled with true believers.

Your nation does not obey God my Brother. Most of those who call themselves Christians in your country are not true believers, they are christians in name only. Which of course is not Christian at all. This is true for every country and most believers on the earth. There are two completely different churches throughout the world, that call themselves Christian. The one church is very very large and is made up of people who agree with God on some level but they do not know Him; they Hear and know some of the words of Jesus but they do not Do the words of Jesus; they do not want to go to Hell but they will not obey God; they want His Blessing and protection but they will not live for Him, they live for themselves, or food or money; they want all of the resurrection Promises without going to the Cross; Jesus said you must pick up your cross and carry it daily.

Your cross does not mean to suffer because you call yourself a Christian. Your cross is to crucify your fallen nature, to deny self and die to self by doing what God says. Every day. Doing what God wants you to do instead of doing what You want you to do. Almost all who call themselves Christian refuse to do this and are a part of the very large false church. Do not misunderstand, most of the churches in America are also like this. Our country is leading the world in the small true church but they are also leading the world in the very large false church. The false is this way because no one has been Discipled, there is no Authority with Anointing which comes only out of true 5 Fold Ministry by those who themselves have been discipled, so there is no power of the Holy Spirit. I mean miracle power.

It is this miracle power of the Holy Spirit that marks the true church, which at this time is relatively small. The miracles cannot be done by the believer or the minister like some sort of magic trick. The miracles are done by the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer or the minister to show that they are doing what God said to do. What God approves of in His Word. Any true believer can believe or pray for Healing on a certain level and get it, which is a miracle. They are also able to have miracles of protection and safety for themselves. Ministers if they are real will have the big signs miracles and wonders following their ministry if they are true Apostles or Prophets, or are under the ministry of one. No one can get these on their own, and no one can fake them. Brother Reinhard Bonnke is an Evangelist and like all Evangelists can have many healing miracles.

But the dead have been raised at some of his meetings because of his connection to the Apostle Kenneth Copeland. Who is the biggest financial supporter of Brother Bonnke. We are a partner ministry with Brother Copeland. Brother Greg is an Apostle himself with the confirming signs miracles and wonders following his ministry by the Holy Spirit to back that up. He does not do them, he obeys God and the Holy Spirit does the miracles. We did not say these things they are in the Bible. If this active presence and power of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer or the life of a minister on a higher level is the Biblical requirement for the true, can you see how this disqualifies almost everyone you know, and most of the christians in the world.

We are not mad about it. One of the main things we do is to change those in the false to the true. That is what we are doing with you. So if we walk in the power of the Holy Spirit while you and no one else you know walks in this power – whose plan should we be following. Your plan or our plan. Which one of us has God’s plan. If the Lord had told us to come to a prayer meeting of people with no power in a nation that is falling apart while the people are killing each other, we would do it. God has not told us this. You have told us this. We are told in the Scripture to make disciples, this is called the Great Commission. It is for all people. Going to church is not discipleship and getting people saved is not the Great Commission, yet these two false have replaced the two that are true.

So as you continue to follow our instructions you will continue to qualify to come under Brother Greg’s authority and get in on this Blessing. Which includes sending Pastor Frank out to your church to preach the Anointed Word. Not to pray with a bunch of people that have no power because they are under no true Authority. You cannot ignore the Bible and pray, no one can. Even if a million people prayed together but ignored the Bible, their prayers would not matter. You have already done much qualifying. If the church you told me that you have is your own, than you must tell me how many people you have and do you have a building to meet in, or do you meet in a home. If it is not your own and you are under someone else you must let me know that too. You can also let me know if you are ready for Pastor Frank to come and preach. Doing all of this is the very best thing you could do Pastor, for your church and for your country. You cannot get the Blessing to come to you and follow your plan. You must come into the Blessing by getting on God’s plan. This is the only way it will happen for all people. God bless you Brother!

Make sure to save this letter to show others.

Pastor Nick
Full Grown Ministry



We call this the Money Letter, which is just one of our many letters to Africa and our ministers there, which we use as training letters for all. Most of them speak about money to some degree, but not all of them. It was written to a pastor about four years ago who had several churches and a school who was under us for some time. He had seen the power of the Holy Spirit operate through our ministers and in our meetings there, experiencing many miracles, most of which were miracles of money and provision among people who had nothing. Our missionaries taught on the tithe and offering as Scripture commands, and we had financial miracles in meeting after meeting, at some of the poorest churches in Africa. Obey God and His Blessing will show up. If you don’t it won’t.


Brother, the thing we are going to try to get to you now is spiritual, and maybe hard for your head to understand – but your heart (your spirit) will recognize the Truth of it. We cannot get you all things, we can only get you some things. The only things we can get you are the things that God tells us to – and nothing else. You need many things, some desperately – but God is not moved by Desperation. The Bible says that all the promises (everything He has for you) come through Faith and Patience, not desperation. This applies to all of us. This means that though you place much value on beds, clothing, books, and toys for the kids (as all people do) – that is not what you need from the Kingdom view.

If everybody in all of your churches had new cars and new homes, plenty to eat and plenty of money, but were not like Christ, they would all still be going to Hell and it would be a waste of all the things. It is one of the ways we are still sinful, and still wrong – the way we look at things. We’re not saying that things are not important, we’re saying our carnal nature and the materialistic world we live in places too much Value on them. In other words, you could get all the things and all the money in the world – and still not know God or have Him. But If you will get the Anointed Word in you, and keep getting it in you until your Faith is built up – the money, the things, the houses will come to you. We won’t bring them in – the Anointing will bring them in. That is living by Faith. This is something we must teach you, a little bit at a time (because patience is required).

To God Faith is much more valuable than all the money and the things. It is even more valuable than disobedient and unbelieving people. We do not need to get you things, or money – we need to get your Faith built up with the Anointed Word. Remember you are not under a Pastor here – you are under a Prophet and Prophets are completely different than Pastors. All throughout the Bible Prophets are a threat to the fallen nature, the flesh, and our comfortability. To Prophets the Truth is all that matters.

Many people do not know any Prophets so they think a Prophet is just a higher form of Pastor. Prophets do not deal with the congregation, Prophets deals with the Ministers, the Preachers, by keeping them in line with God’s Word. Pastors represent the people to God – Prophets represent God to the people. They are both right, they are just different body parts. But they are only right as long as they are in their proper place – and one outranks the other, for very good reason. Brother Greg had his expensive rent paid by one of his Disciples – because they were both Believing and Obeying God, not because he asked him. Brother Greg did not ask him to pay it, do you see the difference? The disciple told Brother Greg that God told him in his spirit to do this.

Obedience is currency in the Spiritual realm, the way money is currency in the earth. The first thing we have to get right is our words, our words have to obey His Words. If you Obey and Believe God the things will come to you – “Seek ye first the Kingdom, and all these things shall be added”, remember? You adding them to yourself is not the same as God adding them to you. It is a very strict disciplined walk, but it is the only one that works, because it is the only one that is Scriptural. Many many ministries here ask people for things all the time – because they are not Believing and Obeying God. They have the same Source that we do, and so do you – God. God will only finance those who work for Him, by doing what He says – and only what He says.

We are a very successful Ministry because we have learned to stay in our place, by doing only what God tells us to do by His Holy Spirit. “Those that are Led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God”. This is how we live – we live by Faith, and the direction of the Holy Spirit. We have to teach you these same things, but they are a process – and will only happen over time. Nobody’s Flesh is patient, so if anybody’s Flesh causes them to stop following God, or to stop believing Him – He does not count that as a loss, but as a wrong decision made out of the rebellion of the person who does not want Him to be God. They insisted on walking by what they could see instead of learning to walk by Faith.

If there is no Faith it has no value to God – Faith is what pleases Him. These are hard sayings, and only a Prophet would say them – but they are good, and they will help you. If you follow them, you will come up quickly into God paying your bills and meeting your needs. True Faith, not the fake Faith that the church is full of – which causes so much loss and confusion. The most important thing we can get you is the Anointed Word, which is the only thing that will build up your Faith, which is how your Needs will be met – how God will get things to you. That is why we said what we are giving you is more valuable than money, more precious than diamonds, but you must see this in your spirit.

So print this letter and go over it again and again – because each time you do you are sowing seed, and it will produce a crop. There is nothing better you can do for anyone in ministry under you, than to get up under Authority with Anointing greater than your own – and be Disciplined by the Anointed Word that is sown in you. Our Words are Anointed, and you are under us by being under our Words. That is why Jesus was so impressed with the Roman Centurion, who did not need Jesus to come – he just needed His Word. Write us back and let us know that you got this – that you understood it, that you receive it. God bless you Brother.

Pastor Tony



Pastors are not prophets nor are they called to be. The five offices of ministry named in Scripture are the five different kinds of ministers ordained by God and birthed by Jesus during His ministry, as He stood in all 5 offices. All throughout Scripture there is rank in the Body, just as there is rank in Ministry which is over the body. The offices of ministry are ranked in the order they are written, Scripture itself states this plainly. There is a reason that prophets outrank and are over pastors. Pastors are over churches, prophets are over pastors. This will become very clear to the overwhelming majority of pastors who are not under the authority of a prophet or an apostle, immediately after the rapture. We call this the John 6 Letter and was written to a pastor who we were having a meeting with on our very first trip out there, more than 5 years ago. His church is in Eldoret which is about an hour flying time outside of Nairobi. The more than thirty churches and two schools we have now began with our first steps of faith to obey God, right here . .



 We love you and thank God for you, your family, and your Ministry – as you Obey the Lord and do everything the Lord requires of you. All of it is in His Word, and includes Submitting to those who are over you in the Lord – especially when it involves getting God’s Things to you, that will Only come through the man of God over you. We have some things to get to you here Brother, and we must speak against many wrong spirits – so listen carefully. The things we have for you will not come to you your way, but only the Lord’s Way. It is no accident that we are together Brother, but a Divine Appointment – stay Submitted! This is the Lord’s doing . . . and it is Marvelous in our eyes! But you can mess this up, really – right now. You can always mess this up. And the Devil wants you to – badly! He cannot stand what God is doing through our coming together, he hates it. Do not let him mess you up by doing what you want instead of what Brother Greg tells you. Don’t! A good idea is not a God idea – which means, just because you have an idea about marketing and provision for a meeting, does not mean it is from God!

 Never forget Brother, between you and Brother Greg, you are not in charge – of Anything. You have never had anyone do these things with you before – pass qualifications, test your obedience, take much correction, send you their Sermons, and maybe money. All of it from someone you have never met and who does not know you. This is a move of God. You are Blessed because of it – and becoming more Blessed as you keep doing it. Learn to do everything he tells you the way he tells you – and get good at it, and you will be Blessed! Submission is not Agreement – true Submission is what you do when you do not agree with the Authority that God has set over you. Obeying God and getting His Things right is the most important thing in your life. Nothing is greater than this. As you continue to let the Blessing change you, it will change all who get near you. Glory to God!

 The Lord is sending two of His anointed ministers who are trained and full of the Power of the Holy Spirit. Not just the Holy Spirit – the Power! This power has been showing up in your life and Ministry little by little as you have Obeyed the man of God. There is still much more to get to you, but you must stay under the man of God – or you will not get it. Many have the Spirit on some [low] level, but God only gives the Power to those who Obey at the highest level. You need this Power more than anything, all of Africa needs it! But all of Africa will not get it – only those who obey God by obeying the Ministers sent by Him. Only people who have this Power can get it to you – you cannot get it from someone who does not have it. It does not belong to the Individual it belongs to God – but it comes through Individuals [Ministers] who do what He says the way He says. Most ministers do not, so they have no Power.

 The ministers you deal with and their conferences are like this. The Power of God is not with them, so they have to Buy the crowd by bribing them with lunch! The same way the Somali pirates bribe governments to get their own ships back. Men and Religion have their own way of doing things that are all wrong, and they are not God’s ways. Jesus never did such a thing! Never, not once! The crowd was drawn to His Words, to what He said. They were hungry for God, not for food. We must break many bad habits in you for you to get the real power, so stay strong and keep a right attitude in your heart. God will help you.

 There were times He fed them, but this was never part of the Deal. He only did this After they took the steps of Faith to follow Him and get His Words. In fact, if you read John chapter 6 verse 25 to the end of the chapter, you will find one of the strongest rebukes in Scripture, that caused most people to fall away and stop following Him. He rebuked a large group of people that had already heard Him Preach. It all began with this entire crowd traveling for hours and hunting Him down – for some lunch! Jesus knew what they wanted, told them so – and He rebuked them without lunch. Not only did the crowd turn away and leave hungry, the large number of Disciples (besides the 12) got offended and left Him. Only the 12 remained. And the whole thing was a test and a Spiritual qualification about eating Him (meaning His Words) – instead of food.

 Not that food was not important – people had their priorities wrong, and still do. The Word of God is supposed to be more important to everybody who follows Him than food for the belly – but it is not! Do you see this Brother? We are not making anyone attend these meetings, and if they come for lunch – they came for the wrong reasons. They must come in Faith, or they will be coming in sin. The Bible says that if it is not of Faith – it is sin. The people do need to eat – but they can bring food from home. Anyone who is not willing to do this is no different than a Somali pirate. And God does not have any pirates in His Army or His Navy. But Brother Greg and Brother Jason were both in the U.S. Navy. Brother Greg was a Deep Sea Diver for many years and also with the Navy’s Bomb Squad so the Lord does have some sailors in His Navy. We are part of the Lord’s Military, only if we are being Trained.

 Jesus had the Power because He was Submitted to God – that’s what the Bible says! He didn’t have it because He was Jesus or the Son of God – He had it because He Obeyed. He did everything that God said – and nothing God did not say. This is in the new Sermon you are teaching “I am Anointed”, remember? You must make sure everything you do lines up with the Word, because it does not my brother. God is in the midst of destroying everything that uses His Name but does not line up with His Word. You have too many of the ways of the World in you – and it stops you from having the Power. We must teach you these things, but it will take much time, many letters, and many trips to Africa – but more than anything it will take your Obedience. God does not want your cooperation Brother – He demands your Submission.

 Here is something very important, and a place where you messed up – so get this in your spirit. One of the many Spiritual Principles that runs everything is called Initiate and Respond. You can only Initiate things that you have the Authority to initiate, meaning things or people that you have authority over. This idea of posters and radio time, and lunch for the people, and pillows for Pastors did not come from us it came from you! It is not bad, it is just not God – it is not how He does things. He demands that we do everything by Faith. You do not have the Authority to Initiate anything with the man of God – you can only Respond. Do you see Brother? Many people and ministers have no real Authority, they only have pretend authority. We are talking about real Authority that always comes with real Power, not pretend authority with no power.

 This is not about us putting you down or trying to boss you around – it is about you becoming a good soldier. Discipleship is Training. You have not been trained, and in everything we do and say to you there will be a level of Training involved. You must get better at taking our correction and responding to our letters quickly, not when you feel like it or get around to it. Respond to this one as soon as you get it – no matter how you feel. Even if you do not like it, we still love you and you still must respond. And by the way we do not write emails (you do) – we write letters, make sure you call them that. Remember that putting your Flesh down is the hardest thing you will ever do, and only happens in Discipleship. We understand your concerns, but we are under orders from God. It is not our job to make these meetings a success – God will do that! It is our job to do what He tells us, so that He can make that happen.

Pastor Tony, as
Brother Greg speaks



Brother Greg says –

Frank my son, God is making something out of you that you cannot see. Faith is about what you cannot see and what you do not yet see for the world to come, remember. Faith is not about what you can make happen in this life, and yet you keep trying to make things happen. Your flesh is a scammer and a schemer my son, as all flesh is. Which means it is a thief and a liar, and always wants to see what it can get away with instead of doing what it is told by the authority God has placed it under. Jesus said this is what Your Cross is for, to crucify these wrong desires and wrong wants of your selfish fallen nature – and to crucify them daily. You have not been doing this and as a result your flesh has grown strong, while your spirit has become weak.

As believers who have accepted the life of Christ into our spirit by faith, we all have a good inner man becoming like Jesus as we obey, with a bad outer man who always has something to say – about what he wants. It is this bad outer man who must be crucified, as he does not want what God wants. This not submitting by itself is called wicked and evil by God, with the desires and wants of our fallen nature being a second evil as they go beyond simply not wanting what God wants. You keep trying to make something out of your self here in this life, but God will not help you to do this. You have forgotten all the things that we have taught you for years, and that we are all going through a Test right now. God is giving us all time to pass our test.

In your confusion you keep searching for a way to get more money and more things so you can have a nice day. This is not the concern of God, this is your concern and it eats at you, and frustrates you. God wants you to become a certain kind of man, a man of certain spiritual qualities which will last forever. You want a certain amount of money and certain things because you think the quality you seek is in them. You are wrong my son, so very wrong. God will use your lack of money and your lack of things, and use it for a long time. To see if you choose Him or if you will choose the Things, but you cannot choose both. Only one can be your God.

God does not need money or things for any fallen man to become His son, as eternal life is not in them. To communicate the life of Christ into each of us He requires two things on His part, and two things on our part. His Holy Spirit and His Word are the two things on His part, while our obedience and our willingness (or a willing heart) are the two things required on our part. Any one can get to Heaven through obedience to His Word, but only those with a willing heart and obedience can become His sons. God can make anyone who is willing and obedient into a son without a single penny in their pocket or a roof over their head.

You want more pennies and more roof, but this will not make you a son. God wants a more willing heart and greater obedience – who do you think will win the struggle between the two of you. If you submit to Him and His will for your life then He will win, but if you submit to your Self and do what you want – then you will win. And He will give you what you want, like Israel in the desert when they were being tested for 40 years. He turned them over to the way they were going, and the way they were going was death. Sin is anything outside of His will, and all sin leads to death.

We have told you before that the fallen nature of man is a prostitute, and like all prostitutes it is for sale. For some it is to the highest bidder, while others will sell themselves to the lowest bidder. Judas sold himself for 30 pieces of silver, after being with Jesus for years. You must kill the prostitute in you Frank, you must crucify this part of you that can be bought with money. The one who is trying to buy you did not train you, I trained you through him and through all the men that I sent to Africa. Not one of them sent themselves. They were sent by me at the direction of the Holy Spirit, with the words and the training that the Holy Spirit told me to give you. Stop acting like a foolish prostitute who has no Wisdom, and get back to passing your test. What God has been making out of us all these years cannot yet be seen. But in just a little while longer it will be seen by all, and it will be marvelous in our eyes . .

Write me Pastor Nick back, and let me know that you will do it, or do not do it – but quit wasting our time because you refuse to grow up by doing what you are told. Full Grown is someone who has grown up in their spirit, so that they are fit to be used by The Master.