Money and Lust


good morning and God bless you. Let me give you some of what I’ve got in my spirit for you. So set your heart to receive and take all this in, and it’ll help you. It will not solve your problem[s], it will only help you come further into the Kingdom, which is what you need most – and that only if you obey it. Sis, this entire world system with all it’s collection of revenue, lending money at interest, guarding your investment, and maximizing profit – is on it’s way out. I mean really on it’s way out, right now, in front of your very eyes. It is collapsing, and it will never recover. With every bit of it being foretold in the Bible thousands of years ago. It’s happening right now. All of your whole life long, you’ve been much more a part of this system than you’ve ever been of God’s Kingdom, which is His system. Now you’ve come further [in] than ever before, and I’m glad about it. But you have so much further to go. It’s the further that I’m talking about now.

There are many gods in the world that compete with our affection, attention, and dedication to the One and only true God. One of mine [for years] has been Lust. Now this god [Lust] will not exist in the world to come, which is why I quit investing in it years ago. I used to use the bars as my format for getting laid. There was a social, cultural, and entertainment element to it all, but [my] main purpose in using it was to get this thing I wanted. During the time I was serving this other god while believing in the God of all creation, I was an upstanding individual, conservative, religious, and all who knew me would even say moral. I was a moral man. But I was not a man of Faith. I was still too attached to this other system. God blessed me as much as He could, as much as my obedience allowed. But you see [and you must see], it cannot be Faith unless it is based on something God said.

In a few more months it will have been 10 years since I set foot in one of those bars, and quit investing in that system. Now this has nothing to do mind you with that other god speaking to me, sometimes daily. And there are times when it is very hard because I served him so well for so long. But I [did] quit serving him and trying to get something for myself, and began to only serve the One who had already gotten everything for me, and was waiting very patiently – to give it to me. Even though I was teaching the Bible while I was a servant of sin, I was never truly Blessed. I lived in partial blessing, because of my partial obedience. And got an occasional breakthrough, because thats all my spiritual commitment could produce. Now I live in constant Victory, and have gotten better and better as I’ve served Him with more and more of myself.

You are the exact same way with money that I was with lust. The business world is your bar and your format for getting what you want. Although you have other gods – this [making of money] is the one you’ve served with the greatest commitment and had the most success. It is part of the fallen nature to serve what we succeed at. The system of Commerce and Trade is the Babylonian System that is falling apart, right now in front of the whole world. The bottom line of the entire business world is of course, to make money – not obey God. As a follower of Christ, you’ve been commanded to come out of that system and come into His. Which of course you have not done.

You make all of your decisions based on money, you are Led by finances. What does the Scripture say, “how hard it is for them that trust in riches to enter into the kingdom of God!” [Mark 10: 24 in the King James]. He did not say those who had money, He said those who trust money. Your trusting in money has stopped you from coming into the Kingdom – it is a Spiritual Law. It’s not about whether you think that you think that way, you’re not in charge like that. Your behavior simply exposes which spirits or Laws are running you. It is that way for all of us. Making a god out of money [or anything] doesn’t mean you bow down to it – it means your trust is in it. Because you trust it. Well you cannot trust money and trust God. That is another Law. People try to all the time, you’ve tried for years. But that will not stop the Law from coming true for you, or anyone else. Trust is just another word for Faith. It is the word used in the Jewish New Testament instead of Faith. Faith is just the opposite of trusting money. Faith does not have anything but the Word it got from God. Faith just goes and the money shows. Whatever you put your Faith in is your god.

I watch news broadcast from Britain and Germany regularly, and they both cover China, India and Russia in ways that the U.S. does not, and these things are happening all over the world. Just like the Bible said. You, like all business people, have invested [trusted] far too much in this system, and it is now collapsing [for everybody] – and you’re losing your Investment. It is the place you’ve sown the majority of your time, effort and ability, and if you are confused about that – all you have to do is count the hours, the days, the weeks, months and years. And it becomes immediately apparent. Yes you are an upstanding woman, conservative, religious, and even moral, just as I was. But you are not a woman of Faith. And there is a fake faith that charismatic believers have excelled at. It is called presumption, and it is a type of pride.

Fake faith is not based on anything God said. It’s just claiming the Blessing without paying the Obedience. Charismatics are full of the talk, but few have the walk. They are famous for it. You’ve brought a little of God’s Things into your work world a few times, but you brought much more of your business training into your religion on a regular basis. That’s why that singles ministry failed – there was no Faith in it. A religious man asked you to do it because you are religious yourself, but mostly because I wouldn’t do it. So a group of religious people got together for some cheerleading and hoopla to launch this great idea they had – and the prophet left the building. I told you I couldn’t be a part of that, remember. You wanted me to stay [after church] and I couldn’t. I wasn’t being disagreeable with Donnie or you – God had not told me to. So I didn’t have any Faith to do it, and I’m not religious at all, so he couldn’t hook me with that pitch. It would have failed if I had done it without Faith. You do not get faith from anything men say. It comes only by the Word of God from those who are Anointed to say it. I don’t listen to mens ideas, I listen for God’s anointing, remember.

That is what prophets do, and as a prophet who outranked everybody there, I could not stay or they would have thought it was okay. They would think it had the backing of the Lord. Faith begins where the will of God is known, remember. For it to be faith, you have to actually be able to say what God told you that gave you the Faith. Real faith is not something you pretend, or put on like play acting as a child. It is something that is in your spirit based on something God told you. It has to be based on something, it cannot be based on nothing. If it is based on nothing then it’s fake faith. A lot of what the church world calls faith is just sales pitch, cheer leading, self motivation, pushiness, or trying to will your plan into existence. For most of the church, that’s all the faith they know. That is not Faith at all.

Your business may very well fail sis. But you won’t fail, if you stay close to God. And as someone who represents the system that is coming, the one replacing the system this whole non faith world lives on – I’m not even remotely concerned about your business failing or succeeding. But only that you come into the Kingdom, and get as far in as you can before He gets back. At which point no one can come in any further than they are. It’s time for you to stack all your chips on the Lord’s return and live like you believed it, not on trying to make something happen. Those days are over! Now, of course – you’re out of chips. Your god is almost dead, he was worn out before you were ever born. Don’t try to bring him back to life. Let the God of Heaven have His way – and He will bring you into His life. A place where no one will even need money, but you will have to have Faith. And it can only be in one thing. Your faith has to be in Him.

have a great day

Brother Greg