Desperate for things or hungry for Faith

Another letter to a beloved brother who after many years, chose the world over the things of God . .

          Hey Brother, we knew these times were coming. The Lord has warned us about the great deception of the last days for two thousand years, and now they’re here. We’ve taught for years that the greatest deception is self deception, and you’ve been here the whole time we’ve been teaching it. Aren’t you glad for all the revelation we’ve been given : )  – Hallelujah! I sure am. It’s changed our lives forever. But we are commanded to hold on to what we have learned and been taught by the Word, and as a result of all that teaching – to hold onto what we Believe. 

         There will never be more dangerous times than the times we are living in before the tribulation, other than the tribulation itself. This is not about your car or any car, and it certainly is not about something as unimportant and irrelevant to the Kingdom as insurance – this is about your heart brother. You are being tested just as we’ve all been tested for the last few years. Our tests are always about our hearts lining up with His Word. When we left the condos it was never about the condos, and when we were booted out of the house it was never about the house. It was about us becoming a certain kind of people while under pressure from the world, and these are part of our being tested.

          Jesus went through much suffering persecution and rejection and stated plainly many times that any who followed Him would go through the same. You cannot line your life up, or even try to line it up in such a way so as to avoid the suffering persecution and rejection. It does not work like that, and we know you know that. Our own particular life in this world and our way of living are the very life Jesus commanded us to lay down, to be willing to lose in order to gain eternal life. He said if we try to save this life and our way of living in this world, that we would lose the life He has for us in the next world. So go ahead and purge yourself of every thought that even attempts to save self and its way of life in this world. 

           And by the way in case there’s any confusion about the word rejection, some other words that mean the same thing in the Biblical sense are dropped, kicked out, or booted. They all speak of loss. Up to and including the loss or even ruining of a good reputation. That’s what we are brother, we are your examples of and leaders in – how to lose everything for Christ, even our good reputation. Not for anything we’ve done but simply for obeying God. Henry is sleeping on the floor, but he wouldn’t change it for a suite at the Ritz because he knows that he is where God put him doing what God told him, which includes all the testing. You must be the same way holy man. Any desire to avoid the suffering that will come with the loss of any part of your life in this world as you follow Christ, must be put to death. That’s what your cross is for, remember. It is only and always a means of execution, given to those who have a death sentence.

Most people do not take God or anything He says seriously, so for them the cross is just a symbol or piece of jewelry. But not you brother. Compared to religious people, you’ve been following the Lord fast and hard for the last 10 years, and we’ve watched you do it. We’ve all done it together. When Jesus said to deny self pick up your cross daily and follow Him, He meant what He said. We’re all bone tired and worn out with the struggle, but we must not let ourselves get weary in well doing. Doing right doing good according to what God says, not what the world says. That’s the only way to make it through this, doing what He says. We love you and thank God for you.

by direction,
Pastor Jason



That is one side of it my dear brother, and as such is absolutely True. But being that there is another side it is not the whole Truth. Which is why it’s better for folks who aren’t in Ministry to just put up Scripture. Ministers are the only ones Called by God to expound and explain the depths of Scripture and its hidden meanings, and to prepare you for eternity. Everyone can share what they know, but that is not the same thing.

Most of the people who belong to this group or to any group do not get the greater deeper revelations put out here every single day by those qualified to expound and explain the Scriptures simply because they do not recognize the authority of true ministry. They think because they have a keyboard and wi fi that gives them the right. No it does not. Any criminal can do that from most prisons.

Most who call themselves ministers were not Called by God, they called themselves. Some have big churches. Only true Ministers who were Called by God have the anointing which qualifies them to minister His Word to others. Everybody else is just pretending when they try to do it. You cannot Call your Self, only God can do that. God just isn’t real enough to people, so they make things up.

So many believers are fooled into thinking the closer I get to the edge, the more desperate the situation becomes – the greater the certainty that God will help me! No, not so. That is nowhere in the Bible. Nowhere. That entire ideology comes straight out of the modern liberal humanistic thinking which is man centered. God is not a socialist, God is King. That is in the Bible, and it’s all over it. The first thing that means is all that come to Him must do it the way He says. Not the way they want.

If desperation moved God He would be moving all over the garbage dumps in India and Central America where children and poor broken families who have nothing, compete with the dogs for food scraps while avoiding sexual predators and people who would do them harm. He would be helping the poor and helpless all over the world, including the millions fleeing Syria as their nation dissolves into chaos. He would have helped the pilot who was burned live in a cage by criminals who possess no authority of any kind.

This deeply held religious tradition is what causes most men to think that God is deeply moved by desperation. He is not moved by desperation at all. It is not His Will that any suffer from the Curse or even perish as a result of it. This is in the Bible. Christ has redeemed us from the Curse. You must enforce this in Your life every single day, or don’t. But a way out has already been offered by God, and it is the only way out. How. Through your Faith and your Patience.

All the promises of God come to the Believer, and only the Believer – through Faith and Patience. You have to get good at both. The King demands it. Everyone is supposed to become a believer and all are commanded to learn faith and patience. The Truth will always stir up the demons and upset your Flesh. We are to cast out the first and crucify the second. Never forget that your Flesh hates God, opposes authority, exalts Self, is very liberal and deeply religious. Crucify it daily. That’s what the Cross is for. Your cross.

Build up your Faith and practice Patience. Until they Work. That’s what you and I are doing. Others have chose not to.

Peace my friend

Brother Greg