Nature of Rebellion

To a former pastor and theologian who never walked in the power of God because he did not have the anointing, but had something to say anyway. Other letters follow that correct wrong doctrine, religious tradition or erroneous teachings that are not Biblical. As the only valid theology is Biblical theology, wherein the Bible explains itself. Not men saying things the Bible does not say, which the Bible itself condemns.


Ron I appreciate your zeal brother, but the asking of questions is intellectual not spiritual, and born of the rebellious ideology of liberal societies, without the support of a single Scripture. Especially as it relates to true authority. Of which there is none truer or higher than Spiritual authority. I don’t owe you anything, and we are commanded not to argue.

We have several other preachers from around the world who are part of this group but not members of our actual ministry. The group description lays out the single rule which is both simple and Biblical. Everyone abides by it, if you want to stay with us, you need to follow it yourself.

The person asking the questions is controlling the conversation and by it determining what they want ministered to them. As someone who is led by the Holy Spirit and commanded to be so, I don’t do what I want to do. Why would I do what you or anyone else wants me to do. That may do great damage to your theology, but I believe you will recover, though your theology will not.

Theology is not Bible, it is what men think about what the Bible actually says. Which is not even remotely the same thing, and has nothing to do with God. It was the religious legal scholars and institutional clergy of His day that gave Jesus the greatest opposition, and eventually crucified Him. In true Pentecostal form we consider your being a seminarian a deficit, not an asset.

We are not mad at you, quite the opposite. If you love The Lord and love His truth, which is a requirement of loving Him, then we thank God for you. But this is not a game. In as much as you are making a splash and by it making yourself known, let me stretch you just a little. When it comes to God ordained authority with the Anointing to back that authority up, this whole thing is not about what you think you know. It’s about doing what you’re told. Which our flesh despises.

We’ve been ministering on fb for many years every single day, through multiple Offices of the 5 fold ministry, and have been a Great Blessing to many people. All of the posts we put out here have come through the Office I stand in, by the direction of the Holy Spirit. Though there are many false prophets, there are many many more false pastors. I am one of the real prophets, and probably the only one you know even on this level.

You can know any prophet by knowing his words, just as you get under a prophet by getting under his words. We have a website with five pages explaining who we are and what we do, authored through me by the Holy Spirit. Which are also highly corrective, as is much of the prophetic ministry throughout the Bible. There is also a link to our forty chapters on WordPress, which we have published as a book here for free called Tribulation Saints.

They were all written for you and you need to go read all of them my friend, as they will enlarge you greatly. Contending with pastor Nick over the truth he stated about the reformation, which of course came thru me, shows you to be argumentative. Hijacking it as you did by completely replacing it with your own point on the singular purpose of God, was completely unrelated to anything the brother was saying and is called manipulation. Which in the Bible is known as witchcraft.

The entire muslim religion consists of such tactics, and though it has constant use in all other religion, it was never authorized by God and it has nothing at all to do with Faith. Nor should it have anything to do with you if you believe yourself to be a man of faith, as opposed to a man of religion. We don’t want to think of you as a muslim, or as religious. Your comment on my comment on a scripture picture was nothing short of an assault and highly contentious.

I am not here to do your homework for you pastor, you need to do that yourself. Some of the things you learned in seminary had substance and were useful for ministry, much of it was completely false. Christ did not go to seminary nor did any of His disciples, nor their disciples after them and so on. But all of them walked in the active power of God which is called the Anointing. Our website explains it at length, I will not rewrite it here. If you want to come up higher you can read it, or don’t.

Prophets outrank pastors, as the five offices of ministry are ranked in the order they are written in Ephesians 4. I didn’t say that, the Bible states it clearly. People just don’t take God or His Word seriously. They also correct pastors, if you read the prophets you’ll find that out. The two main things prophets do is warn and correct. Love is not a feeling holy man, love is a discipline. So if you’re feeling somewhat disciplined, then you know you’ve been loved by a prophet.

Peace to you and your house
Brother Greg



Kathy my dear sister and faithful sower, everything you said is right and good – except for the control part. It is religious tradition that teaches God is in control of everything, yet that is nowhere in the Bible. I said nowhere. He did not say He was in control. He said be still and know that I am the Lord. They are not the same. God did not make the devil – God made Lucifer. Who chose of his own free will to corrupt himself and become the adversary.

Adam and Eve were also created perfect but chose of their own free will to corrupt themselves by following the words of the corrupted one who deceived them. Everything wrong and bad going on right this minute and for the last 6000 years has come from that – and God has nothing to do with it. Any of it. It is called the Curse, and it is not His will for any man. He did not say He was in control. He said be still and know that I am the Lord. They are not the same.

The will of God for all men is the Blessing, which includes salvation and everything that comes with it. People have no Biblical understanding of that word so it means nothing to them. But it not only has meaning, what it means is very big. What the Bible does speak of is two kingdoms. One is of Light, the other is of darkness. The Kingdom of God is God and His way of doing things – it is where His will is being done.

Wherever you see His will not being done is not part of His Kingdom. Why is there no murder or stealing or lying in Heaven. Because the will of God is being done there. Why does it go on all over this world and its present darkness, because it is the will of the Enemy. Scripture says he has come to steal kill and destroy, wherever you see that going on – that is His will. The Truth is there are two different kingdoms.

Either God is in control of whether you ate raisin bran or frosted flakes, what Muslims believe, the rape of children and the crime of all men, and the misspelling of words – or He is not. You cannot have it both ways. More importantly we’ve been teaching and preaching this Truth the whole time you and I have been fb friends, which has been a few years. You got some catching up to do sis.

You are a mature and godly woman, and I know that. So don’t let your Flesh get up and take offense. I am paid to do this, and I am paid by
God. What true prophets do is correct you. Someone has to be able to. Prophets warn and correct all throughout the Bible. I am handling you most carefully, but that is the love of God not my personality. What I am not doing of course is asking your permission to do it, I don’t need that.

Receive a prophet in the name of a prophet and you will get a prophet’s reward. Jesus said that. He also said the way we receive the man or woman of God He sends is the way we receive God himself. The way you oppose a prophet is by opposing his words, which if he’s a real one . . are the words of God. Stay under my words holy woman, and you’ll get the Blessing that comes with that. I thank God for you. Peace to you and your house

Brother Greg



Back in ’81 after having been discipled by a navy chaplain aboard my first ship for almost two years, I went to dive school to become a navy diver and was the youngest in my class at 19 years old. This letter is to a fellow class mate who I became friends with and of whom my memories are the fondest. It seems from around that time and until a couple of years ago when he told me of this, he had being seeing open visions of Jesus and other things in the spiritual realm. After seeking my advice and my giving it gladly, we corresponded a few times. This was my response to both his lack of seriousness and his lack of proper response to the things of God.


Yes and Amen, and I am very glad to hear it. It’s good you wanted to do it, but the Bible commands it. There is not a single suggestion in there. What that means my dear brother is the Word of God must be final authority in your life, for it is not. There is so much of it you do not know, and it is costing you greatly. It is dangerous to resist the call of God on your life when He has dealt with you for so long by showing you so much.

Mike, I don’t get on here to chat with anyone. I told you what the Lord had for you through me and you refused it. That’s nothing new, many have done it. It’s a free world, till Jesus gets back. That is not when people get to decide to do what He said – that’s when we find out who did. There will be great reward for those who did, and great loss for those who did not. I’m talking about people in Heaven. I didn’t say this, the Bible does.

The energy as you call it is the Holy Spirit, and He is there even when you cannot feel Him like that. God is very patient with people, very merciful. But He does not owe it to us and it does not last forever. You are wanting me to coach you or talk you into this, and I will not do it. Prophets don’t coach or persuade anyone into doing anything. Evangelists and Pastors do that, and I outrank both of them. Prophets speak in commandments and warnings. The main thing they do all throughout the Bible is to warn and correct people.

They are very unpopular , and most who consider themselves believers don’t even know any false ones, let alone the far fewer real ones. I live in the miraculous Mike, and you don’t know anyone who lives at the level of faith and obedience that I do. There are others, many. But relative to the population, true believers are a small percentage. Anointed ministers who operate in the power of God are even fewer. You have to take these things seriously Mike, so seriously. And if there is any Office of the 5 different ones in ministry that is serious, it would be the prophets.

I can be very persuasive, and I like you. We went to school together, and you’ve always been one of my favorite, if I considered all the divers I’ve known. But I am not allowed to talk anyone into anything. No believer or Minister is. People have to want it, God only wants those who want Him. He has not shown you all these things to wow you, but as a sign of you Calling, and to prepare you. And you don’t get to pick who you are Called to – the Lord does that. This is His ministry, not yours. He already had someone picked out to disciple you before the world began. You are not God, and you’re not in charge of anything. You either submit, or you don’t. I had just finished being discipled when I met you.

The devil cannot appear as Jesus, he can only appear as an angel of light. Everybody wants to follow their own plan and have God bless it. It doesn’t work like that. God doesn’t have a hard time making bodies, He has a hard time finding spirits in bodies that He has already made that will do what He says. Nobody wants to do what they are told, it’s nothing new. And you are no exception. Just another guy called by God who has hesitated for a long time. A guy who thinks he is just checking all this out – you are not checking nothing out.

This is checking you out. We don’t test the Word little brother, it tests us. And you are failing the Test, you have been for a long time. Not mad about it, but this is not a game. I am not your fb friend. I am a prophet of the Most High God, and I have something for you. But I cannot make you take it, you have to step out in faith. You have to do the little things I tell you. Starting with going back and doing the last thing I told you, or don’t.

I won’t be here in just a little while, along with about another million or two. As the bride of Christ is removed from the earth. It will be so few people that many will not even notice, but it will be enough that it will be known throughout the earth. Pastor Nick Roberts who was my last disciple will still be here. He lives here with myself and Pastor Jason. You’ll find him on our website with a link to his email. He’ll take care of you. The day of our departure is not written in Scripture so I could be wrong about how soon it is, but I don’t think so. I’ve been at this a long time. What is certain is that it’s just a matter of days, will surprise everyone living on the earth, and that it will change everything.

Have a great night brother
Peace to you and your house Mike



Scripture tells us that zeal without knowledge is not good. Many people in the world have a zealous nature as do many who are called to ministry, but being excited without knowing what to do with it is not a good thing. You must know what to do with the excitement you have. What it is that you should be properly excited about, where to put it or how to apply it. Zeal excitement or great enthusiasm have value, but only if they are shaped and formed. Like fine champagne in a beautiful bottle it must be contained. As even the best wine on the floor has no value at all . . 


Hey Brother,

God bless you and keep you holy man, in all your ways of service and obedience to Him. Which is just another way of saying He’ll bless you as long as you do what He says, and as long as you’re doing it for Him. Remember Duke, this Discipleship thing is still the hardest thing you’ll ever do. Identifying your own Error and overcoming all of it for the rest of your life, is as hard as it gets for any life. You’re in a period of Transition, as you often will be. Which is simply changing from the way you are and always have been in your error – to becoming what He has for you and then, always will be in His Glory. You’re not even remotely there yet, and I know you know that. But if you do know that, then you cannot be shocked or let yourself get depressed or distressed when Error manifests, others see it, and you get called on it. That’s the process. Everything else [coming up outa you except adhering to that process] is just a bunch of Pride. Which itself is an error.

A Disciple is someone who messes up in front of others, and others straighten him up, they straighten him out. Of course you only want people who are Anointed to do that – to do that in your life. Folks who do not have the Anointing or are not under it need to get straightened out themselves. Your crooked ways have not been made straight yet, they’re being made straight – and it will take a lifetime. Your job is to stay Teachable, stay correctable. And take courage my brother, the more correction you take, the better you’ll get. Remember to hold fast to that Word I gave you last night – Relevancy. The nature of how these things are connected and the Importance of sticking to how they are connected is not in you. It’s like you do have several solid building materials in front of you – lumber, drywall, concrete, electrical cord, but have no knowledge of Construction. So you are just throwing them together in any manner that suits your lack of training, which is why you are being Trained. We all are, but we’re talking about you here – cause this is part of your training.

Now an Architect is someone who is even higher up than a person who knows Construction, because he’s the one with the Plan. He designed what the Construction crew is building. They are Following his blueprint. The Architect does not build it, the Construction crew does not design it – they both do their part. You are trying to be an Architect, when you are supposed to be learning Carpentry. You’re not the Architect brother – get good at using a hammer and nails, see how they work, understand their function and flow. You are trying to Design where the Scripture is going instead of finding out where it’s already at. Where it’s going has already been Decided, and it’s not your Decision. We’ll call this attempt to make a Decision that is not yours to make – thinking you have something to say. Direction comes from the Leader, the Head – remember? The constant attempt to redirect comes from your Fallen Nature, it’s called Dominance, and is a fruit of Pride. You have no idea how great your pride is brother, but you will. As you continue your Training. You see some of it, but there is so much more. And there is nothing that hurts you more with God and with other people, than your Pride. It even perverts and distorts Ministry, and God will not let you keep your Pride and become His minister. You must die to it by crucifying it. Like I said, this is hard. But we get a lot of help, some of it is in this letter.

You do have a Call on your life – we all see it and know it, and we are Glad about it. But the Call does not contain the Ability, remember? The Call is no different than when you call out to somebody, or make a call on your phone. The Call is just an Invitation. You could say it’s an invitation to a party, but it’s a Training Party! Woo hoo! This is one party your flesh despises even hates, but your spirit man loves it. Because it is the very thing God uses to conform you to the Image of His Son. I am being disciplined by a man of God with the Word of God to do the things of God – and it is changing – my – life. Hallelujah! Discipleship is the way God trains men to be Sons. All men are Invited, but most don’t answer the invitation. Only those that answer the Invitation to Training, then get Trained – become the Chosen. Many are Called but few are Chosen. Hey, but take heart – you’ve been doing this awhile and you are well on your way! And getting better every day! You just gotta stick to it. Just a few more things to help identify the enemy in you, and I’ll be through.

There is a 3 fold cord of what we’ll call the Word, Personality, and Speaking Ability going on in you. You have got them in the wrong order and are putting too much emphasis on the wrong ones. You are trying to give yourself things to say instead saying what you are Given, because you think you have something to say. Which on some level is in all of us, comes from Dominance, and is a fruit of Pride. It’s this thinking you have something to say (or that you have a say in it) that your Speaking Ability is drawing from. Just like a man would draw water out of a well with a bucket. Because your pride has mistaken the Call for the Ability, and thinks the leader is stifling your Gift by not letting it come out of your the way you want it to. The pride in every man thinks this my brother, it’s nothing new. The recognition of it is just new to you because you’re new at this. But keep showing and you’ll keep growing.

Personality in itself is not a problem, in fact you have a great personality – but you cannot minister your personality. You minister the Word under the Anointing out of the Overflow of what’s been but in you – that day. Which is why we place such emphasis on going over your sermon or teaching again and again, cause you are sowing Seed every time you do it – and we can tell by the Harvest if you have sown enough Seed, or not : ) You have centered too much of your Identity in your Personality, and you have done this all your life. You have to die to that little brother, and it will take a long time and much effort. Your Identity must be in Christ, which is a shift from Self to Him that must take place in all of us. The only true personalities are those that are birthed while we are continuing in Him, not by holding on to the one we had when we came to Him. I told you this is a lot harder and takes much longer than most people know, which is why so few come in. But you have not only showed up – you have stayed, and I believe you will continue to.

So you have got to give the Word [and it being formed in you] a higher place than your Personality or Speaking Ability in your Ministry and Delivery of it. You are treating them like they are equal players [which puts them ahead of the Word] – and they are not. The word I have for you on this is “Take a back seat – Let the Scripture speak.” Say that everyday, several times a day, and as the Seed of it grows in you, a Harvest will come – and in the Harvest is the Change. Your flesh won’t like it but your spirit knows it’s true. Remember it’s the Word that separates you from your sin, it’s the Word that changes the spirit man within . .

peace holy man

Brother Greg



To one of our Pastors in Kenya who oversaw a few of our churches there, and was frustrated for some time because we had not given him some of our money to do some things he wanted to do . .


Hello Pastor – I am writing this as Brother Greg speaks, so this is a letter directly from the man of God

Amukoa my son – at no point are you or myself or any other true believer testing the Word. We are always and only being tested by the Word, and one of the tests is to hold on when it is no longer comfortable. Any time we think we are having a hard time all we need to do is read Hebrews chapter 11, which in ministry is known as the Hall of Faith. When we see what these brothers went through we realize even though it is difficult for us, it was harder for many of them. Some were required to give their lives if they were to continue following God.

We are now well into our second year of being on the road as a ministry and living out of hotels on a daily basis, since we were driven from our home in November of 2015. It was the Lord Himself who brought us to this home thru many signs miracles and wonders, but we were driven out by people who hate God, and in doing this we suffered for Christ. Living with a home with an address provides the stability needed to have and pay credit cards, to which I probably owe about 20,000 (twenty thousand) dollars. When we had the home and all former homes, I paid my credit card bills regularly over many years and established good credit.

When we were driven from our home for the Word’s sake I was no longer able to pay my credit card bills which ruined my good credit, and as always is part of the plan of the enemy – to ruin any and all good things God has given or established in your life. It has cost myself and the three ministers traveling with me everything we have to keep following God by doing all that He assigned us to do many years ago. It will cost you my son and it may cost all that you have, even your life. You must decide within yourself whether you are willing to pay this high price, or you are not. Because these are the kind of people that God is looking for – those who are willing to lay down their entire life to follow Him.

We are not the complaint department and do not complain to the man of God about things he never said he would do. The baptismal cards are a scam from the government to prostitute the church by extorting money for their own purposes. We have heard you speak of them before but we never said that we would pay for them – because the Lord has not told us to. The internet bill on the other hand is entirely our debt and we are glad to be able to remove the burden of it from you, as we are only just now able to. We will send the money covering it to Brother Martin to pay the bill whether you stay or whether you go.

There is a sense in which we are all a part of the coming reward to each other for eternity, because we obeyed the Lord together for years. But we are not the biggest part of the reward. The real and very large reward will come from The Lord, and it will also include The Lord himself as part of that reward. Those who quit do not get rewarded my son, and Death and Hell have no reward. Do not quit the race holy man, as we are all in it together and we want to see you get your reward. Pay the internet bill with what we send tomorrow, then you can pay your own church bill with what you already have. Be Blessed my son . .

Brother Greg

by direction
Brother Nick



This dear older sister in Christ from Australia had followed and received a lot of help from what the Spirit was speaking through us as ministers over years on social media, but failed to apply these truths by doing them. Finally after beginning to sow a little money as commanded by God for all to do – she rebelled against the Word even further by opposing the plan of God with an argument about her own feelings . .


Witchcraft in scripture is trying to manipulate and control things you have no authority over, and most people fail at it. Though almost all people do it on some level in their daily life, and God hates it. You must learn to hate this too dear sister, to love what God loves and hate what He hates. For you do not. Our fallen nature is against God it despises Him, and you have not gotten ahold of this yet.

Your success as a believer has nothing to do with the number of facebook likes or shares or any other kind of popularity or wealth you can achieve thru self promotion. You could get a billion likes a billion dollars or even own facebook – and it would not save your soul. You will simply join the billions already in Hell, and yes there are billions there right now. Saving your soul is the goal of your faith, and all of these other things you are doing have nothing to do with faith or saving your soul.

You cannot tell us what to do or not to do, and you certainly cannot tell us what to minister to you – what you need from us. God has already done that. We work for Him not for you, and He has already told us what you are to do. You just don’t want to do it, and that is your flesh your fallen nature, and it makes up the largest part of who we are as people, for everybody. Every single person who decides to follow Jesus must die to this, that is what the cross is for.

Jesus said if you would be His disciple that you must pick up your cross and follow Him daily. That is what the cross is for, the crucifixion of your flesh. You can do what you want or you can do what God says, but you cannot do both. What you are doing is what many others do, which is doing what you want and calling it what God says, by saying foolish things like I trust Him for everything.

That is a game, it is deception and disobedience and many other horrible things, but it is not trust which is another word for faith in the Bible. The Hebrew translation often uses the word trust instead of faith. Faith or trust as you call it is based entirely upon what God says, not what you want or what you happen to be doing.

The person asking the questions is controlling the conversation, and by doing so is determining what will be talked about, or in our case what is ministered. You cannot do that and have no authority to determine what we speak on. As a prophet of God Brother Greg does not do what he wants or minister his feelings or thoughts, we only put out the word of God. If we don’t do or say what we want, why would we do or say what you want. To get more likes, to get a billion dollars, to own facebook.

The very elements of earth air and water are going to melt with fervent heat, the entire planet will be destroyed – and you want us to what? Listen to you, follow you, get entangled in your witchcraft. I think not. We’ve spent a lot of time and effort dying to our own witchcraft, what on God’s green earth would compel us to stop obeying God and step down off our cross and get caught up in your witchcraft.

Scripture commands you to follow our example and to do what we tell you with the things of God, as true ministers ordained by God for that very purpose. We are not here to answer your questions or give advice where you think it is needed – we are here to tell you what to do. But we cannot make you, scripture says you must make your self. Do it or don’t do it, but quit wasting our time with all of this goofiness beloved.

Go read the chapter I post on your page at least three times over the next two days, and let me know by praising God in a comment on the chapter that you did what I said – or don’t.

Pastor Nick