The Lord’s Army

The church is filled with unbelieving believers, with more than 2 billion world wide claiming to follow Christ. Most of whom do not even read their Bible on a regular basis, let alone on a daily one. Jesus did not argue with people and the Scripture actually forbids it. He simply spoke the truth to them, and they either received it or they did not. He never talked anyone into following Him and He never closed a deal, because He wasn’t selling anything. This is a letter to a misguided young man in the Singapore Army who happens to be one of those unbelieving believers, and was a social media friend whom I had dealt with over the course of a couple of years. He didn’t like being told what to do and wanted to believe whatever he chose to, which is not what believers do. Believers believe the Bible. If you don’t believe the Bible then you are not a believer.


Azure my dear son. There is so much you do not know, and so much you think you know that is completely wrong. It blinds you, and it is hurting you more than you know. Any thing that stops your spiritual growth hurts you. You have very little Light of the Gospel, about a teaspoon. Yet you think that you see everything. This is your Pride little brother, and it is the great Sin. Everyone has it, but you must learn to identify it in yourself.

Your pride has to be killed, and only you can kill it. It is the foolishness of your pride that causes you to think that you or what you have to say is important, or that I am here for the purpose of answering your questions. God is not here to answer your questions, and I work for God. Not for you. He pays me the same way the army pays you. The same way.

One of many many things you do not understand is that the person asking the questions is directing the conversation, they are controlling it. Even though they have no authority from God to control anything. All men do this, but it is part of the thinking of modern society and it is not from God. The ways of men are not the ways of God.

The Kingdom of God is God and His Way of doing things. You must learn about this Kingdom if you want to be a part of it, or of any use to the Master. And you will only learn a small amount at a time, because that is all we can handle. It is our Pride that makes us think we can handle more. There is so much you do not know. You do not “share” things with the Commanding Officer of your Brigade. You share with people like yourself, on your own level or below. The Kingdom is like that. Nothing is more important in the earth than God and His Kingdom being expanded. Which is done through people and words.

Not just any people – His people. Not just any words – His Words. It is an army, the Lord’s Army. Much like the one you are a part of in Singapore. Except you are much more a part of that army than you are His Army. You have had quite a bit of training in the one army, and almost no training at all in the other. God’s Kingdom is full of Rank, Structure, Order and Authority, and you know almost nothing about any of them.

Yet you speak to a man such as myself as though we are equals, with no honor and no respect. You ask me foolish and ignorant questions which some other fool put you up to. Probably a foolish pastor. I’ve been in ministry for more than thirty years, have dozens of pastors under me, more than 20 churches in Africa along with a school with over 300 children, 2 Ecclesia here in South Florida with weekly meetings that run 4 to 5 hours, with multiple ministers from all Offices of the 5 fold Ministry speaking. And I give 50% of my income. The ministry and many ministers I oversee live in the miraculous.

I have a very high rank as all apostles and prophets do. Like a general in the army. They are in charge of all Ministry and over all Ministers. The 5 different Offices of Ministers are over all the people in the things of God, like officers over the troops. It does not mean they are better people, or that God loves them any more than He loves the troops. It means they have Rank, and the Authority that goes with that Rank, to do what God assigned them to do according to their Office. I did not say these things – the Bible does. The fact that you don’t know these things because you don’t know the Scripture is costing you greatly.

You don’t know any prophets, or anything the Bible says about them. Because you do not know the Bible. They are all over the New Testament. Instead of reading the Bible everyday as the Scripture commands you to, so you can know these things for yourself, you disobey. You ask the prophet on the computer because it is easy for you, and you don’t have to do your Homework. The most important homework in your life. All you have to do is push a button.

This is not acceptable little brother. No one owes you anything. You cannot speak to a man of God as though he is obligated to answer questions you should not even be asking. Would you walk up to your commanding officer and ask him as though he owed you something, and with your questions give him Direction as to what you think should be done with the army. No of course not. He gets his orders from someone above him, which is way above you.

There are no computers in Heaven Azure. They are not part of the Kingdom of God. We can use them as we do all good things. The knowledge for them came from God. But we must always use them in relation to God and His Things, not however we want. That’s how men who do not know God use the Knowledge He gave them for His Purposes – they use it however they want. That makes them god, and it is not good. In the end it will be Judged. All things will be Judged.

Prophets and Apostles wrote the entire Bible, no one else. Many of the apostles in Scripture were prophets before they became apostles. We explain this at length on our website which has 5 pages the Lord wrote through me almost five years ago. There has been a link to it on the about section of my fb page the whole time I have been on fb, including the whole time we have been friends on it. Why have you not moved a few inches on a screen and clicked on it to find this out already. Because you are spiritually lazy. All men are, and it is very dangerous. Especially in these Last Days right before the Lord returns.

I believe you to be a good young man with a good heart, who loves Jesus on a certain level because you only know Him on a certain level. All questions have been answered Azure. All of them. They are answered in Christ. His Ministers give you many of the answers, but not all. They do not minister what you or anyone is asking . . . they minister what God is saying. Learn to listen to what God is saying little brother. You must get better and better at this. What God has to say is much more important than anything anybody wants to know. He is not here to serve us. We serve Him.

God is dealing with you right now through me. He has been the whole time. Speaking to you. Through our website, the Spiritual principles and Biblical Truths we post everyday on fb, our posts on WordPress. All of it. He has been speaking to you the whole time. You just have not been listening. Go and listen Azure.

Go and do what you should have been doing the whole time. Go and feast on the Word the Lord has put out through me and this Ministry. It all belongs to Him. It is no accident the Lord brought us together, even on fb. But you do not belong to your Self – you belong to Him. You must learn to do what He tells you. The men He has Called to Ministry is one of the ways He tells you, and the Bible says so. Love is a discipline not a feeling holy man. And no discipline seems pleasant at the moment. So if you’re feeling somewhat disciplined, then you know you’ve been loved. By a Prophet.

Brother Greg Mullins
Head of Ministry
Full Grown Ministry



Division and strife are the great enemy of the unity in the Spirit commanded by Scripture. When the people are untrained this disruption of ministry is a constant and thus the norm, and is unacceptable to God. When voluntary submission to God ordained authority is followed by the members of a body of believers, this unity allows the Holy Spirit to manifest. The manifestation of the Spirit does not create unity among the various wills of different individuals, as is erroneously thought by many believers who do not know the Scripture, or believe it.

After some infighting and upheaval among ministers in the leadership of our churches in Africa which led to some splitting and departure, only one man had been willing to step down prior to the coming split. His integrity was a light to us, and exposed the morality and justice of his character. This godly evangelist had been preaching pages of our website as sermons, by the time he joined us through our ministry in Kenya.

We tell every preacher who contacts us and even more for the ones who join us, that we will not be giving them money. You will have to read the pages of our website or several of these letters to better understand that. This letter is a response to his request for money from us to provide for much needed medical expenses for his wife. Which he did not have and neither did we, nor were we supposed to . .


Brother Martin,

There are many pressures going on all over the world holy man, many problems. Your pressures and problems are one set among those of billions of other people. Brother Greg is speaking this letter as I write it. If we had not come up with this money would you have left us for someone who would give you the money. Do you think you were testing us with this request, or our love for you and your family. Even the way that you did this was not the right way to do it, desperate and at the last minute. Martin – what the Lord has done through us together is written in Heaven and will be known forever, but we do not owe you anything my friend. What we did together we have done for God. The most valuable thing we could ever give you is the Anointed Word. The Lord has used us to build it in you and discipline you with it.

Most of us in this Ministry do not have this kind of money for our own medical bills, let alone for yours. If you knew how much money every member of this Ministry gives including what goes to our work in Africa, you would never have asked us for this money. We have raised the money for the medical bills of your children, which are your bills. Not ours. We will send it to you. As you know Brother Greg has been in Ministry for more than thirty years, and he has never been a part of such a small group of people who give so much money from what little they have. You do not know anyone who gives the percentage of money that we give.

It is your own tithing Martin that is required for God to meet your needs and pay your bills. If you do not tithe by giving God the top 10% off of everything that comes in from your produce that you grow, the animals that you raise, and any money that you earn as your own – then God cannot pay your bills or meet your needs. He is only your financial partner if you do what He says. If you do not obey God with the tithe and all of your increase then the world is your master, and it is a very bad master. It will Steal from you, Kill what you have and Destroy anything good. That is what the enemy does, and he runs the world system. If you do not tithe then who do you think is responsible for the situation you are in financially, and yet you want us to pay for this.

My dear friend you need to decide whose side you are on. If you can be bought with money, then we encourage you to find those who will pay you the highest price and go join with them. If you are going to stay with us then you must place the value of the Anointed Word above all the money in the earth. So much so that if someone were willing to give you a billion dollars or the Anointed Word, and you could only have one – you would choose the Anointed Word without hesitation. This is the only kind of people that God wants, people that are not for sale. People who value His Things more than they value anything in the earth. We are these kind of people my dear son. If you want to stay with us, you must become one of these people as well.

We know that you are a good man and full of integrity. That you are faithful in all that we have given you to do. We thank God for you, and count having you with us as a great Blessing. But you must never ask this of us again Martin. For you to ask us for money is no different than us asking you for money. If you do not understand this then you still have much to learn about money, and the cost of living anywhere, relative to where you live. Many of us live together here because none of us can afford to live alone. It takes all the money that we make for us to live here just as it does for you there. We do not need to explain ourselves to you like this, or explain anything at all. But we love you, so we are taking the time to help you understand how important it is for you to do your part, and not ask us to do your part for you. We are doing our part, and we will never ask you to do our part for us. For our first couple of years in Kenya, we taught on the tithe and offering in every church we went into, and had many financial miracles in each service.

We are willing to lay down our lives to do what God has told us to do. God knows this and He is very pleased with us. You must become just like us and then God will be pleased with you. You must be willing to die, to lose your life as Jesus said – to obey God. It may cost the lives of your family, and you will either believe God and what He says or you will believe what You see and what you think. Every person has to tithe just to be a member of our Ministry in our country. Giving is something you do after the tithe, on top of it – and every one in our Ministry gives on top of the tithe. To support the Ministry of our work in Africa God told Brother Greg to have the members of the Ministry support it financially, and they do, even though there is less than a dozen members. This is the third amount of money each of us offers to God every single payday.

To get you the money you asked for we had to ask them to give a fourth amount of money, if they wanted to. How much to you give Martin. It is not the amount of money you give that matters with God, it is the percentage of what you have. The man who only has one dollar and tithes ten cents and the man who has one hundred million dollars and tithes ten million have both given the same thing to God. They have both given the tithe, and their tithe is equal. Tithe is not an amount, tithe is a percentage. Tithe means one tenth which is ten percent. So anyone can tithe no matter how little or how much they have, and God will Bless them. Tithing is never a money problem, it is a faith problem. You must believe God more than you do and then act on that belief without being able to see it. As you know, that is faith. You must believe God more, obey Him more, and grow your faith in the areas where it is small or lacking.

Write us back and repent of any thing and each thing we have pointed out, that you should have done or been doing. Admit to us where you are wrong and we will forgive you, but you cannot pretend like it is supposed to be done this way, or that you doing this is okay. Renew your commitment to us by stating that you value the Anointed Word more than you value money, even if you have to say it by Faith. All of us are being tested, we hope you keep passing your tests. You cannot ask us to pass them for you. We love you dearly, and we will send out the money today. This will be done only once. Have a great day Brother.

pastor Nick
Full Grown Ministry



This letter goes further back than the one just above it ^, and deals with the reason for both the division and the eventual split. One of the young men birthed in ministry by the Holy Spirit under my authority as a prophet, and who was raised up in ministry by me and with us for years broke away from us three years ago, and decided to go out on his own. Not because God told him to do this, he told himself to do it. God is real and the Bible is true, so if God calls you to do anything He will provide what you need to do it without you having to ask or beg anyone for supplies money or help.

True ministry is always done only this way, as opposed to false ministry where you have to beg or ask others to give you money or things or even places to preach, because God did not give you what you needed to do what (you say) He called you to do. If God calls you He will equip you – if you are not equipped by Him then you a not called by Him. You called your self, which is why it failed, and most ministry in the earth is of this self called type.

This former minister who was with us for years and called himself to leave, showed up at some of our churches in Africa with money from another ministry trying to get them to follow him. Some did fall away, but because we stayed faithful to what God called us to do and refused to get in strife, the handful of weak churches that left were replaced by thirty strong churches that have stayed. All of this only because we obeyed. If you want to stay in The Lord’s Army you keep yourself from strife, for it is a tool of the devil and the very atmosphere of Hell . .


Brother Greg says :

My dear sons,

You are the faithful ones. You are the ones who have stayed the course and not quit your race. You are the ones who have told the truth and refused to sell your loyalty to the highest bidder. That means a man with much money cannot buy you, for you have already been purchased with the blood of Jesus Christ. Whose you are and whom you serve. We have told you before that we ourselves are not for sale. Brother Greg himself has been offered money even from other ministers, but it was not to do what God told him – it was to do what they wanted him to do. You are like your father and you are not for sale.

This began in Eldoret 4 years ago, when our Ministry sent Brother Matt and Brother Chris to hold meetings at a church there. One of the preachers that showed up at that first meeting had travelled a long way to be there. He was tired and he was sick, and he was even late. His name was John Kotin. A little more than a year later he would sell his watch and sell his phone just to attend some of the training we were having in Uganda for 3 months. He once walked for two days to get back home. This will be part of our testimony about him forever – but he still quit.

My brothers we are now entering what Jesus called the most dangerous days in the history of the world. Nothing will ever be the same again. Everything is about to change. For those who are not fully committed to the Lord life will become very hard, and it will become more and more difficult to stay away from the influence of the Antichrist. Who will promise food and shelter to any who will follow him, only to end up in Hell. During this time of testing only those who truly obey God will live in the constant Blessing from Him. Which includes everything we will need. Some of us will leave with the Lord before the Antichrist is revealed, but many many more will stay.

We do not know if the two of you will be staying or going. What we do know is that both of you are two of the truly obedient and will live in the constant Blessing of the Lord if you do stay. That is only if you continue to obey. God is just and He is right, so none of us can get mad if we stay. This is true even for Brother Greg, though he believes he will be going. This is not about money or land or getting paid or having what you want, for any of us. The world runs after those things and wants them desperately, you must not be like the world. This is about being under the Authority of those who do only what God tells them to do.

Brother Matt was under this Authority for years, as you know. He left a year and a half ago to go his own way, and he did this against the advice and counsel of five other ministers who knew him best. Three who were in leadership over him, and two who had ministered alongside him for years. We are not mad about this it is old news, but should never have happened. This same thing happened in the Bible to men of God who wrote the Bible, others under them quit and left. He was called by God and birthed into ministry here, but it was to be in ministry here.

If God called him to go out on his own then God would not have told five other ministers closest to him that he should not go out. God also would have provided for him and equipped him. God is not providing for Matt because He did not call him to do this. Matt is providing for himself by stealing from the man of God who he was under and who is his father in Christ, because he called himself to do this. Everyone in the world and most churches do this and it has nothing to do with God. Do not follow the money or land or promises that Matt or anyone else offers you.

You both know how God works and you understand the Anointing on a certain level. Everything God does lines up with His Word, and you will have a witness about it in your spirit. This comes from the Holy Spirit, but anyone can override it. You are not for sale, do not let anyone buy you. Everyone is being tested now more than ever, but really your whole life is a test. A test to see if you will obey God or if you will do what you want instead. Passing this test is a large part of determining who will stay for the coming trouble, and who will go to be with Jesus. We will all go to be with Him later, but only some will go with Him in just a few days.

We love you and thank God for you.

By direction,
pastor Nick



To a sister who loved the Word coming thru us, but lacked the commitment to be under the authority of true ministry . .


Little sister my prayers get answered, because I follow the rules laid out in Scripture for prayer. If you want your prayers answered you have to follow the rules too. Prophets are not pastors, they are over pastors – which is why I have many pastors under me. Pastors will pray with you or for you, prophets will correct you, like I’m doing now.

It’s not about what you or I or anyone else wants or likes, it’s about what God said in His Word. He is the one who established the different Offices of ministry for His purpose, and gave them their different assignments. You and I don’t decide that, we find out what He is doing – and get up under that.

The fact that most believers refuse to do that does not change a single command, and of course there are no suggestions in scripture. There are simply those who obey the Word and live in The Blessing, and those who don’t even know what the Blessing of God is. They think it’s something you say after a sneeze.

So the first obedience to the Word you want to apply here is showing deference honor and respect where they are due. Jesus said the way you receive the man of God is the way you receive God himself. You can never just roll up on someone God has called and anointed, and act like they work for you or owe you something.

Nobody owes anyone anything, except our debt to God. We all owe God everything. In Him we live and move and have our being, if we are in Christ. Which is the Greek word for the anointing. It is not Jesus’ last name. No, if you find someone who really has the anointing because they have been called by God and are in true ministry, you want honor the work they do and the Office they stand in.

There is rank in the Body of Christ, and ignoring it will just keep you out of the Blessing. Among men no one is more Reverend than a true minister anointed by God, but almost none of us use such titles. Not the real ministers, but the fake ones use titles all the time. They have no power of the Holy Spirit, so they put on a lot of pomp.

Now I am a prophet and a teacher, and though they are not titles you can call me by one of them, as they are the Offices I stand in. But the minimal respect would be shown in simply calling me Brother, as opposed to brother for non ministers. What you don’t want to do is act like I’m your face book friend, it does not exist in Heaven.

The second thing you need to line up with the Word is to remember, sheep are to be counseled and prayed for in their own sheep pen, which is the church or ministry they belong to. God set it up that way on purpose. If they don’t belong to one then that is the beginning of their prayer problems. And you need a lot more than just prayer Ruth.

We all need to fill up on the anointed Word daily, which comes from the Holy Spirit only through anointed ministers. It is a lack of this filling that causes many of our problems and keeps us weak. The same Spirit that wrote the Bible thru other prophets and apostles wrote the two books here for free, as well as the Word put out here daily. Which you keep thinking is me.

I’ll post a chapter The Lord put in my spirit for you from our book, on your page. But you can read as much or as little of the book anytime day or night, as well as the 5 pages on our site. You just have to be Hungry . . . and most people are not. Have a great day sis

Brother Greg



God created everything that was created with His words. What God created with His words is affected by His words. Christianity is called The Great Confession and it is clear in the Bible that we are to be the Yes and Amen in the earth. This brother was greatly Blessed by the anointed Word coming through our ministry, and at one point responded with some things that were not wicked, but they were also not Biblical. Hebrews tells us that Christ is the High Priest of our confession, and the word confession is translated from the Greek homologia. Which literally means to say what God says. We are supposed to say what God said back to Him, those are the only words Jesus is High Priest over.


Well Jamie my dear brother I know that you mean well. But there are many reasons you were directed to go read the 5 pages of our website, and it wasn’t a suggestion or some idea of mine. There are many many things that men believe, sound good, and religion is filled with – but they are simply not true. They are not in the Bible.

If you’re gonna say something the Bible says you have to say it the way the Bible says it, and you cannot say something the Bible does not say. None of us can take a position outside of the Word of God and be correct, not if you’re a Believer. We don’t have the right to believe what ever we want, we have to believe what the Bible says – or we’re not a Believer. The Bible says that.

It’s not about what you or myself think, it’s only about what the Word says. What God has to say comes through 3 different sources, all of them laid out clearly in Scripture, and all of them confirming or validating each other while lining up with the primary source – which is the Word of God. The offices of Ministry were started by God through Jesus himself when God sent him.

Submitting your Self to those over you in The Lord is not a suggestion anywhere in scripture, it is a commandment. You either obey the commandment or you don’t, but nobody can make you. True ministers who are really ordained by God and walk in His power will not even try to make you. And a real prophet will not hesitate to correct you, that’s what they do.

Going back to God is mostly correction, yet we live in a rebellious stiff necked unbelieving society that cannot take even a little. They choke on crumbs of correction, and you and I are part of this highly dysfunctional (in a spiritual sense as it relates to God and His plan) generation that makes up our current society. We didn’t ask to be, but there it is.

We can do what God says, or not. But we cannot replace what He says with how we think or what we want. Doing that is one of the few things that carries a curse from Scripture itself. Prophets are not shepherds, only pastors are. Apostles and prophets outrank every pastor in the earth, and not knowing that one thing has been costing you and your pastor . . . all of your religious life.

No pastor puts out what we put out here, but all of them need it, and most need it desperately. True pastors have an anointing, but every true prophet walks in a higher level of the anointing. Any pastor that is not under the authority of an apostle or prophet will not have the power of God operating in their life or ministry. They are trying to minister outside of the only given acceptable model – which is the Biblical model.

Prophets outranked and corrected priests in the Old, and you will not find a single pastor in the New that was not under an apostle or prophet. I didn’t say these things – the Bible does. Many times, very clearly. What you have is a bunch of people within the clergy and laity of multiple denominations believing the parts of the Bible they want to believe, and dismissing the parts they don’t want to believe.

While real Christians walk in the power of God because they do what God said to do the way He said to do it, which was never an option. We are not the only ministry walking in the Book of Acts miracle power of God, and have been since we started, there are others. But compared to the 2 billion who call themselves Christians, while doing very little of what the Word says – we are small in number.

So if you actually do what I told you and go read even the first two pages of our website, you will never again make the mistake of saying something that you think is good, but is nowhere in the Bible. You will in fact learn to say only what the Scripture says, and you will do what it says. Which will bring you into a level of Blessing you never thought possible in this life, and will only work in the next life because you had some of it in this life. If your Christianity is not working down here, it won’t work up there. Peace my friend