True Ministry

To a fellow minister in Iowa, who has been a great Blessing to many as the Holy Spirit spoke powerful truths and anointed words through his writing. This response was given to strengthen a weak understanding of the office of a prophet, and to clear up a point of confusion by many.

You are absolutely right holy man, and give some godly advice. So much of the world is filled with the fake and the phony, and most of the church has become just like the world. It has been this way for decades. You said rightly there is a difference between the fake and the wrong, but make no mistake – false prophets were required to be put to death. Of course Israel is infamous for murdering even the real prophets, the ones that were always right. So we find prophets to be highly unpopular and their calling to be dangerous, whether they were the real or the phony.

There is no such thing as a Spirit led mistake. It is simply that most of the church and the clergy are not led by the Spirit, though few would say so. Scripture does speak of false prophets, but shockingly it speaks even more of false pastors and false brethren. We don’t hear too much about them, but you hear about the prophets all the time. Many apostles were prophets before becoming apostles, and the entire Bible was written by prophets and apostles. Which is seemingly unknown among the self promoting self published lovers of self, that make up this generation.

Speaking as a prophet who knows other prophets who are more mature and walk in greater anointing than myself, allow me to add a little to the good things you have already said. Simple prophecy as a gift is spoken of right along side speaking in tongues as a gift in the first handful of verses of I Corinthians 14, which are both for all believers and have nothing to do with the office of a prophet. It is not spoken of in these passages as an office of ministry in any translation or codex, but is only spoken of as a gift of the Holy Spirit, which are available for all believers.

That’s why Paul uses the word prophesy here not the word prophet, which is used later in the chapter when speaking about prophets. Failure to follow this distinction made by Scripture itself has caused much confusion. Brother Hagin taught this distinction for at least a half century longer than I have, and whose particular body part was ordained by God to teach this to the body of Christ. Some of whom have gotten ahold of this, and many other truths that he was directed to put out. If only the different body parts would stay in the order that God has placed them, they would get a lot more help.

Much of the Scripture itself can be spoken by any believers to others, for the sake of edification exhortation and encouragement. We all know it was the Holy Spirit who inspired the writing of Scripture, about a third of which is prophecy, and itself is filled with much edification and exhortation. Prophets on the other hand throughout all of Scripture do one main thing by two different pathways: they speak God’s truth by way of warning and by way of correction. Both of which as you know are greatly sought after and highly favored among all believers 🙂, giving us insight into their inexplicable popularity.

My jest concerns only the true ones, as the false ones are very popular and some have many followers. Jesus said we would know a tree by its fruit and anyone in an actual office of ministry can be identified by the fruits of that office, which can be found in Scripture. Visible to any who care to look for them. There is rank in the body of Christ, and the offices of ministry are ranked in the order they are written. Scripture itself bears this out, though again ignored by so many. Pastors everywhere need to be under apostles or prophets somewhere, and they are not. As ministers you and I both know that it is never about what we know or even about what they need, for them it is only and always about what they will receive . .

Brother Greg



The five different offices of Christian Biblical ministry were all birthed by Jesus during his time carrying out the Father’s will in the earth. When looking for an assembly of believers to join, whether in a house or a gigantic building, look for an assembly that is under the authority of all five offices, anything less is illegitimate. You must have the power of the Holy Spirit just to make it in these last days as a believer. This power is essential for ministry to live in the miraculous, and to change the lives of those under their authority. The rest is just religion, and God is not religious, and He never empowers anything that is illegitimate or that He did not author. The letters that follow relate to or explain true ministry.

The Bible says we will give account for every idle word we have spoken, and that the power of life and death is in our words. You can tell what you are looking at by what is coming out of your mouth. Modern media, especially this one and twitter have multiplied the broadcasting of useless meaningless words exponentially. It is unacceptable, and these trillions of words do not vaporize after they are spoken. All of them are written down by angels. I said all of them.

It is our words in light of the Word that will Judge each of us. Scripture tells us that. It also names the five Offices of ministry, which are ranked in the order they are written. God has never done away with apostles and prophets, men and the religion they love have done that. It does not change God’s will or His plan one iota, or how it will be Judged. If you don’t know any real ones in these Last Days that is dangerous. If you are not under the authority of one then you are out of order. God’s order.

How much of God’s Word do you think you can disobey and make it out in the rapture. As a prophet I am not called to be nice I am called to be effective. So are you in whatever He has called you to do. Niceness hardly enters into it. We are commanded to love but love is not a feeling. Love is a discipline. From the very first book of the Bible to the very last throughout all of Scripture, God ties all of your belief in Him and all of your love for Him to one thing. Obedience. Don’t take my word for it go study it out. It is His ministers that minister His Word.

You must qualify to speak into the lives of others. Especially if what you’re speaking are the things of God. You cannot Call yourself to Ministry – only God can. And the call is not intellectual, it is Spiritual. In both the Biblical and spiritual sense being ordained is done only by God. No man can ordain you. Ordination is not something on paper, it is demonstrated in Power. Men with papers fill the churches, but they have no power. God did not ordain them. They called themselves and they ordained themselves. There is a big difference between God anointed and Self appointed. This is the reason for all the confusion.

The rise of the Internet hasn’t slowed down the millions who have called themselves, it has sped them up and given them a platform. They confuse having something to say with having a Call. Having something to say does not give anyone authority. Only God gives authority, which is backed up by the Anointing. If you do not have the anointing you are not called to Ministry. Everyone has a call, but relatively few are called to Ministry. Many are called but few are chosen. The chosen are those who will follow the words that God speaks through His Word, His Spirit and the Ministers that He himself has chosen. It does not matter if we like these things, it only matters if they are True.

We explain this at length through the 40 chapters of our book Tribulation Saints published here on Facebook. Which if you have not read, then you need to. All of it is for you, and none of it is put out for your approval. We say what God tells us to say not what you want to hear. No minister has everything, all of us only have some things. But any Truth that comes through us is from God, and is for the entire Body. God created everything with His words. Jesus is called the Word of God. Line your words up with His words by getting under the words of those who speak for Him. What God created with His Words is affected by His Word. And only He decides. . . who speaks His Words for Him.

Brother Greg



Thank you Catherine my dear sister, but if you would not say that to God, then you cannot say it to the man whom God speaks through. The Bible forbids it, as it is Jesus himself that said the way you receive the man of God is the way you receive God Himself. God and the things of God just aren’t that real to people, so they pretend He didn’t say all the things He said. Which of course is not even an option. Now there is no need to demean your self, as you are supposed to crucify your self, that is your fallen nature. It is a commandment, and Jesus said to do it daily.

We are supposed to respond to every thing God says and give him the glory, it is forbidden to give His glory to the vessel He spoke through. The responses are all in the Bible and are Hallelujah, Glory to God, Thank You Lord, and things like that. As a prophet, I’ll actually get in trouble if I allow you to give me the praise for what God said. You are to show deference honor and respect to any and all who are over you in The Lord, and submit your self to them. But that will always be a very small number of people, because the way you know they are over you is by the fact they are ministering the Word to you, and they have the anointing from God to prove they were called by Him to do it.

The anointing quickens you, it stirs you up in your spirit, it makes you want to listen to those who have it. Because your spirit recognizes the Truth of God, and it hears that Truth coming through those who have the anointing. And don’t confuse emotion with anointing, or the very popular motivational speaking heralded in so many churches as anointing. They are not even related let alone the same thing. Emotion is not anointing and motivational is soulical, which is not spiritual. The anointing is spiritual, you cannot fake it, and is only given by God to those He personally ordains – to do only what He calls them to do.

None of us can take the anointing and go do whatever we want with it. As a prophet, I am anointed to speak God’s Truth – and that is mostly what prophets do. Just as I am doing right now as I yield my self to the Holy Spirit to let Him say what He wants to say to you, through me. I am doing the writing just as others did with the Bible, but what is being said is not coming from me. It is coming from God by way of His Holy Spirit through a yielded vessel called by Him to do what I am doing. I would not take the time to do this if He had not put it in my spirit to do it, and it is that same anointing that is quickening me to do it. But I am not here to answer your questions, nor for you or anyone to tell me how to minister to you.

Whereas religion is filled with every kind of politically correct humanistic don’t threaten my flesh, don’t tell me what to do I don’t have to listen to you, you owe me – man at the center thinking, that fills the churches of today. When true anointing comes you will always hear some things you want to hear and some things you don’t want to hear. Because you are not finished growing yet, you are not like Christ – you are becoming like Him. As you conform your self to the Word, which is what is being ministered right now.

The anointing doesn’t make you nice the anointing makes you effective. Anyway, I think that’s all I have for you right now. You should of course have already read the 5 pages on our website, and you definitely should go read the 40 chapters of our book put out here for free on face book called Going back to God is mostly correction and so many are incapable of handling even the smallest amounts of it, yet the Bible is filled with it. Everywhere we are not like Christ we need correction, and God has given it to us in His Word, and ordained His ministers to get it to us. But it is only for those who submit themselves. Have a great day

Brother Greg



Truth is simple Lisa, but it is not intellectual. Truth is Spiritual. There is a lot of information and many facts that are intellectual, and will change or line up when the Truth is revealed. You keep trying to figure out what makes what’s being said here so good and why it speaks to you, it’s called the Anointing. It is not the simplicity of it, it’s the anointing on it.

Jesus spoke simply and with the anointing to many who didn’t get a thing He was saying. Because the other thing is you have to be open, you have to be receptive to what’s being said. God has set it up so that the Hearer is the one who determines what they will and will not receive. They think they’re waiting on God, when God is waiting on them.

I work for God and have for decades, and like Him I know a whole lot of stuff that you don’t. But what the Father and I know does not determine that you’ll get it. You need a whole lot more of the anointed Word and your obedience to it to grow up in Christ, but your need does not determine if you get it. Even a wealth of knowledge and great need will not do this.

No, in all God ordained anointed true Ministry it’s never about what I know or what you need, it’s about what you will Receive. The more you open up your receiver the more you will get from God. Work on becoming more receptive to His word and His will, ask Him to give you a willing heart. Of course everyone needs this but I’m talking to you.

This is a Word from the same Holy Spirit that wrote the Bible and had me put up that simple post. It’s a Word for you. Just like our website and chapters on WordPress, you need all of them. From Genesis to Revelation God ties all of your love for Him and all your belief in Him to one thing. Obedience. Obedience is currency in the spiritual realm the way money is currency in the earth.

This whole thing is not about anything you think you know. For every one of us it’s about doing what we’re told . .

Peace holy woman

Brother Greg



Brent my dear son, this page is run by full time Ministers who live in the miraculous all under the authority of a prophet. Even some of our ministers from our churches in Africa, post the Truth we have taught them for years here on this page. The number of members is kept intentionally low.

You need to come and feed here every day, but you don’t feed here at all. Yet you want to post something you think is important and you sound sincere, but my friend – you need to take heart to what the Holy Spirit is saying to you here. It’s for you and you need all of it.

As a prophet it is completely acceptable to me that you post warnings here, that’s what prophets do. They warn and they correct people all throughout Scripture, especially nations preachers and kings. But since you are not a prophet the only warnings you can post are actual ones from Scripture – without your own opinion or the opinion of some commentary. Just the Scripture. The Bible does not say what you said. You say it.

Bible commentaries are useful if you use the right ones, most of them are not right. Scripture was not written by theologians and commentators, it was written by apostles and prophets. Mostly prophets. Every theologian translator and commentator who has ever lived needed to be under the authority of an apostle or prophet.

As a matter of fact every pastor and every evangelist as well as every believer needs to be under their authority. If they were there would not be so much error corrupting everything in the church. I didn’t say these things they are in the Bible. But you must submit your Self to the authority God has ordained, nobody can make you.

We’ve had a website up for years explaining all this at length, go read it, or don’t. But those Scriptures you put up are from the Bible, the opinion of a commentator you put up as a warning is not from the Bible. Prophets also expose and destroy false ministry, and only false ministry puts up opinion and speculation along with Scripture to make it look like they are the same thing. They are not the same thing at all.

We are partners with the most anointed ministries in the earth who walk in the highest levels of authority and power. Come warm your Self at this fire my friend, drink from this well, or don’t. But this is not the place you come to teach, this is where you come to learn. We don’t have everything, but everything we have you need. Peace holy man

Brother Greg



As so much error is put forth on so many things by those who claim to be in ministry but are not, or actually are in ministry but are just confused – there is a right way to do everything. One pastor who runs a fairly popular end times blog was trying to direct people who to vote for in the up coming elections, while trying to act like he was not telling them who to vote for. Whether or not he is a true minister we don’t know, but he is confused either way. This was our response, and is how all should cast their vote from the Biblical perspective.

God does not take sides my son, He has His own side. And the most important thing you need to remember about it is to stay on it. Especially if you believe you are called to ministry. The hesitation you sensed about posting was the Holy Spirit, which you overrode, and did so of your own free will. As we all have many times. There is no such thing as a Spirit Led mistake. God does not make mistakes.

It is the prophets who are commanded to judge the words of other prophets, and I agree with you. What you said are words not from God, they are from you. As a prophet with many pastors under me, more than 30 churches and two schools in Africa, who lives in the miraculous gives 50% of his income with 35 years in ministry, I am more than qualified to correct you – I am actually commanded to.

The Lord did not put the current scoundrel in the White House, nor did He diminish today’s choice to these two criminals. The people of America did that by their own wrong choices. Which though God allows, He by no means condones. His Book is filled with thousands of years of recorded history with Him doing just that. Because nothing man does is The End. That all comes on a particular day.

That day is called Judgment Day, and it is when every single thing in every life that was done and not done, will be Judged. Everything. Including nations, the heads of nations, and the institutions of men. In the languages of all men there are many figures of speech that acknowledge Spiritual truth without acknowledging the God of Truth.

End of the day is one of those, and is a secular substitute for Judgment Day. And has risen to popularity only in the last couple of decades, as Christianity in our once most Christian nation has evaporated, right along with our morality and strong military. It should not come out of the mouth of any believer, let alone any minister. We are commanded to oppose what is popular in both the culture and society of men, as it either opposes God or is absent of Him.

It is not opposed by argument, as arguing itself is condemned by Scripture, but by the rightness and truth of the Word. There is no end of the day, there is only Judgment Day. And that is what we are to say. This is not being submitted for your approval. You either receive what a prophet has to say, or you don’t. Prophets speak the Truth of God, and they don’t discuss it with you.

They are not pastors or some other form of a pastor, prophets outrank pastors. Any real pastor who is not under the authority of a real prophet or a real apostle, is operating outside of the only given acceptable model – which is the Biblical model. That’s why there are so few pastors with any power, they are out of line with the Word.

Which the Holy Spirit wrote through apostles and prophets, just as He is writing this letter to you right now through this prophet. It is a Word for you right now, and for any who will receive it. But no one can make you. Do you wanna know how you are supposed to vote. The exact same way you are supposed to do a thousand other things not covered by an exact Scripture – Be Led.

We are to follow the Leading of the Holy Spirit, and most just don’t know how to do that. They have not been trained. And, very few are willing to submit themselves to higher authority ordained by God Himself to train them, and do what they’re told. So they can grow up in the faith to do the works of the ministry, themselves. I didn’t say that the Bible does. Love is a discipline not a feeling, so if you’re feeling somewhat disciplined – then you know you’ve been loved, by a prophet. Receive it, or don’t. But there is nothing to argue about.

Brother Greg




This letter was written in response to a sister in Christ who had what we in ministry call an “issue”. Anything that is more important to you than to anybody else, including God – is an issue. It may be based on religious tradition, a personal preference, or a misunderstanding of scripture. But when we come to Christ we have to give up our “issues” and conform our lives to what is truly important to Him. When what we say is important lines up with what is important to Christ as revealed by the authority of His Word, we realize that what we thought was such a big deal before was just something that tripped us up and caused us not to receive what He was saying. What God is saying is always more important than anything we think we have to say. Issues are stumbling blocks because in emphasizing them it requires us to ignore, disbelieve and disobey God’s Word . .

Debra my dear sister I understand you completely, and you have been careful about choosing the right words, and that’s good. But if truth is what you are after then part of the truth is this; as a prophet I not only out rank you but all other ministers. With the exception of other prophets and apostles who themselves out rank me.

Which means you must be willing to submit your self to what I am saying as a prophet, or else there is nothing here for you. If we are even the slightest bit unwilling The Lord will not tell us, as doing so would only bring us under judgment. Instead of the reward that comes only with obedience. Even in our prayers if we are not willing to hear a No, then we are not really praying – we are just playing. And that has no reward so who wants that.

We are so perverted and corrupted by the society that formed us that we are filled with a lack of honor and respect, or our understanding of it is warped. Prophets are big on correction as the main part of their ministry is speaking the truth of God, which means nothing said to you is being submitted for your approval. If that offends you as it would most religious church people then that exposes the lack of honor or respect and true submission to authority. And no authority is more important to understand or be right with than that which is God ordained.

Prophets do not negotiate or talk you into believing something, they tell you what to believe – and you either believe it or you don’t. What they say of course has to line up with scripture, just as what you say has to line up with scripture. And if you want to be scriptural do you know what you need – you need some Scripture.

There are others but here is one for you – Jesus said, man was not made for the Sabbath but the Sabbath was made for man. That’s what you believe – what Jesus said. Period. This was not said in the Torah or the Hebrew Tanakh which were the old deal, this is part of the new deal. Who Jesus was and what Jesus said is the new deal. You and I would have nothing to do with the Bible at all if it were not for the new deal.

Now what Jesus said did not take away the requirement to keep the Sabbath holy, but it completely did away with the demand of religious tradition that it be only done on a certain day. There were many laws that were misunderstood or carried out wrongly until Jesus showed up, just as there are many who have an issue with some facet of the Bible including the Sabbath.

There are whole churches that tie salvation itself to having the Sabbath only on a certain day. Yet that is nowhere in scripture, neither is your being convicted about it. For conviction comes only from the Holy Spirit, and He can and will convict us only in line with the Word. Now you may be condemned about it, but Scripture says our own heart condemns us, not the Holy Spirit. That’s the difference between conviction and condemnation.

Other religious folk and many churchgoers take issue with consuming any alcohol, yet Jesus himself drank. And He did it without sinning, even a little. Others have a problem with bacon or any kind of pork product, as though God were a muslim. But I tell you I just had a double portion of extra crispy bacon with my pancakes this morning, and I did not sin even a little. You must decide right now to make the Word of God final authority in your life little sister, for I tell you that it is not in the life of most believers. They believe a mixture of part Bible, part of what they want to believe, with a whole lot of religious tradition thrown in.

There are many partial truths in the Bible, and you cannot take a partial or half truth and put it forth as a whole truth. To do this is a sin and it is done all the time every day in most churches. Here’s the secret to getting what the Bible really says. To understand the whole of what scripture has to say about anything – you must look at scripture in light of other scripture. It is only when you combine all of what is said that you come to the truth, for all of them are true.

Also remember that the Bible is a historical document, and the only one of all religious texts in the world that is. Because it is historical as well as Divine everything in it is true, but everything in it is not right. Scripture is filled with many examples of broken commandments and people doing wrong to God and each other. So it is important to know who is being spoken to and in what context, though any private interpretation is condemned in scripture itself.

The Bible explains itself fully and any interpretation needed for what God wants us to know is given. The real problem is most people just don’t know the Bible, not like they think they do. That is why God Himself ordained ministers, His ministers. People consider their self the authority and they don’t like being told what to do. Who are the chosen, they are the ones that do what God tells them to . .

Now go read the 5 pages of our website, and you will understand a lot more

Brother Greg